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Transcript: New Orleans wide receiver/return specialist Deonte Harris training camp interview - Sunday, Aug. 30

Harris spoke with media at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver/Return Specialist Deonte Harris
Video Call with Local Media
Sunday, August 30, 2020

From this year to last how much more developed do you feel as a receiver and in this offense now?
"This offseason, I tried to work on it as much as I can. Special teams is kind of what I focused on last year, because I knew that would be my role coming in. But, I got to train and I worked with a lot of guys to try to get better at the receiver position.

Now being in year two, your being asked to do a little more. How do you feel that you're going to be able to balance that in terms of still playing the roles that you do on special teams, but also becoming a more involved part of the offense?
"I've been playing this game my whole life. The more they give me the better. I just want to go out just try to help the team win games."

How do you overcome people saying you are limited as a receiver due to your size?
Everybody's entitled to their own opinion. I'm here at the end of the day, so you know, there's a saying that says the line does not concern yourself."

Since you played in front of such small crowds at Assumption College, will not having fans in the stands in the first two games not be a big difference?
"I'm kind of used to playing with a bunch of fans now. So it actually (will) be weird going back to playing with basically nobody there."

People make a comparison for you with Tyreek Hill in terms of skillset. Do you think you can be that kind of dynamic playmaker as a receiver. Do you study him at all? Do you model yourself after this guy?
"I tried to mimic his game back when I was in college and try to translate it to the NFL."

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