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Transcript: New Orleans Saints tight end Adam Trautman training camp interview - Thursday, Sept. 3

Trautman spoke with media about his initial reaction to practicing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Tight End Adam Trautman
Video Conference with New Orleans Media
Thursday, September 3, 2020

How do you feel you've gotten acquainted to them, especially with the unusual offseason after you were drafted?
"(It's an adjustment) with the speed of the game, obviously the size difference in guys that I played (against) in college versus Cam Jordan, Marcus, Davenport, Margus (Hunt), all those defensive ends, we've got some big guys there. So I'm just kind of getting used to that. But I feel like knowledge wise I get better every single day on assignments and what I'm doing. It's just a process, get better every single day. Obviously, I didn't have OTAs or rookie minicamp to kind of get my feet wet. So just kind of (are) going along with it day by day and try and get better every single day."

You're in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome right now. Second time that you've been in there. What was I guess your initial reaction when you walked in there last week for the first time?
"Yeah, no, when I walked it for the first time, the biggest crowd I've ever played in front of I was like 5,000 and walking in a stadium with 73,000 seats. Obviously it's going to be different this year, we're not going to have that many people at the game, but it was awesome walking into the (the stadium for the) first time. You can tell there's a great environment here on gameday and all that kind of stuff. It's awesome to be in here."

Does that make it any more real for you that you got some practice in there?
"Yeah, maybe a little bit. The whole thing, like, every single day, there's something new where it's like, oh, wow, this is really it. The first day you walk in (and there's) Drew (Brees), Mike Thomas, Cam Jordan, all those guys. And then actually playing against them, playing with them and now actually being in the (Mercedes-Benz) Superdome. Every single day, it's kind of alright, it's more real, I guess you could say."

You didn't start camp with a rookie in your position group, but you've got another one in there now with Tommy Stevens. What have you seen from him as he's made that position switch?
"Tommy is a really fast learner, smart kid, great athlete. Obviously, he's picking up the nuances of the position as he's going. I'm still learning as well. So we're both kind of in this thing and just learning together and he's done a great job so far though, and he's a great guy too."

What's it been like having two really veteran guys in the room with you with Josh (Hill) and Jared (Cook), what's it been like learning from them?
"It's awesome. Those two guys, Josh has been here for eight years and started for probably the last seven, eight year, whatever it was. And obviously, Cook has been around a long time and you can take things from both of them. Josh is the jack of all trades, sticks his face in there, run blocks, pass blocks, moves really well, run routes. Then you've got Cook and you can see obviously the elite athleticism that he brings and how nuanced he is and in everything that he does, and being around those two is incredible, just to be in the room with them every single day and watch them and learn from them."

Now that you've been in this offense and practiced this offense, have they given a vision for you yet?
"I think we are still trying to figure that out. Obviously, I think I could do both. I like to stick my hand in the dirt and run block and obviously be used in the passing game as well, but we are still figuring that out. I have only been here for maybe only like 25, 30 days. It sounds like a long time, but it is really not. So we are still trying to figure all that out. But yeah, I'm excited."

What's your relationship with Drew Brees been like and you kind of creating that new relationship?
"With me, but everyone else as well, Drew is the most down to earth guy, no big time, superstar guy, stay away from me kind of thing, he's so welcoming to everyone. Personally for me, just how he sees everything, how he wants certain things done and you see it unfolding and happening exactly how he says it. He is a great guy to be around. Obviously, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play this game. (I'm) Super fortunate and happy to be his teammate."

You're a brand new face in this offense. When you watch Drew and Sean (Payton) work together, what's your immediate takeaway when you see two guys who've worked together for like 15 years now?
"Yeah, obviously I haven't been here except for the last 30 days, but they're always chatting and talking obviously about life probably too as well, but football as well and just those two together, I don't hear the conversations, but I can only imagine what's going on with those two. Obviously, two of the greatest minds in our game today and ever really."

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