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Transcript: New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara training camp interview - Friday, Aug. 21

Kamara spoke with the media on feeling good and his improvements moving into this season

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara
Training camp video call with New Orleans media
Friday, Aug. 21, 2020

Alvin, we talked to you last time about your interest getting back and being healthy, but I was just curious looking at your numbers from last year. You didn't have like a bunch of the big chunk plays in the passing game. Can you kind of chalk that up to being hurt or you think that was something else for you?
"I was hurt."

The Saints added a guy, Ty Montgomery, what have you seen from him in these first few practices?

"He's smart. He understands the offense. He's got good routes, good hands, good feet. I think it's just going to be experience, with that O-Line and with Drew (Brees), the calls and the pace of the way we play. But I think he's doing well so far. He looks good."

Yeah, you guys have had a few padded practices now. How do you feel, because obviously the schedule is different. How do you feel you're getting ahead, getting that work done and making those improvements you mentioned a little earlier?
"It is pretty much the same. It is still camp, minus the preseason. So, know we are still working. We're still working hard. Still on pace with installs, our walk-throughs in the afternoon and things like that. So, no, I feel good. I don't feel like we're missing anything, honestly. We're just kind of just moving a little different because of the virus and things like that. But it's a regular schedule program."

I think Joel Thomas was saying yesterday how much you're healthy now, but how much are you enjoying going through this competitiveness that you guys have going with the defense? I know you do it every year, but you know, you guys seem to be really, really kind of relishing in it so far in this training camp.
"I feel like we got the best defense in the league. So just being able to go out there and compete with them every day, it's just iron sharpens iron, is the best way I can put it"

How much emphasis do you guys put on taking care of the football. In the last three years you have been one of the better teams the NFL just in terms of not turning the ball over?
"That is the main thing we focus on. We cannot do anything without the ball. And on the defense, all day in practice, every day they work on stripping the ball. So we are hyper focused to it. And you know, we just try to put that at a premium, that ball security."

John DeShazier just referenced that Joel Thomas said how good you look out there, that he thinks you're back to your full speed full self. Do you agree?
"Yeah. Feel good, I'm back."

What have just been your impressions with Jameis Winston and so far, just seeing him back there?

"I like him. A great player, obviously. Like I said with Ty (Montgomery), this is going to come with repetition, getting accustomed to how we do things, playing behind that O-Line and the tempo in which we play. I think he's getting it. We are all out here grinding. It's hot. It's hard. Everybody makes mistakes, all of us make mistakes. I think it's just making mistakes and moving past them. I think he takes it (correction) well, takes the coaching well, he takes everything well, so he's been doing well."

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