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Transcript - New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Saints players postgame quotes | Saints-49ers 2020 Week 10

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Saints players


On why he did not return into the game:
"I was not going to be able to be effective. It had nothing to do with pain. It was definitely just what my body was going to be able to do or not be able to do."

On when he realized he would not return:
"You always worry about halftime because you sit for so long. And so, when I came out the second half and started throwing the ball, it became really apparent that I wasn't going to be effective."

On what it was like playing before the half with injury:
"I mean, listen, that's part of the game. But, just trying to take advantage of the opportunities that we had. Just doing whatever we could to try to get the lead before halftime. Obviously, we didn't play very well offensively in that first half. The first quarter, I think we had three plays. We had a three and out, and then we had another three and out early in the second quarter. And so it didn't start well for us, but our defense stepped up and played fantastic from the second quarter on. We got some big plays, special teams, got a big kick return, got a couple of plays on punt team that were huge in this game as well. And so, you know, all around, we just found another way to win as a team. It was not pretty, but we found a way."

On how long he thinks the injury will affect him:
"I'm just taking it one day at a time. I have done that this entire season. And I will continue to do that. I am not sure what tomorrow holds. But you can know I'm going to do everything I can to be as effective as I possibly can for next week."

On Jameis Winston's preparation and contribution:
"I thought he played great. Listen, that's a tough, it's a tough job, you know, especially when as elaborate as our game planning is on offense especially. To come in and, and be able to execute that offense is very, very difficult, especially if you're just kind of coming in midstream. And haven't had a big chance to really get, you know, get all the reps and that kind of thing. And listen, I thought he did great. I thought he did great. I thought he had great command of the huddle and everything, kind of went off without a hitch, Obviously, nothing's perfect. But, I thought he made some great throws. I thought he made some really good decisions snd obviously took advantage of the opportunities that were given out there."

On if the injury was a cramping/stiffening injury:
"That's a good way to put it. Yeah. Listen, I can't really describe it other than it was preventing me from doing my job."

On if he is currently in serious pain:
"I wouldn't call it that. But it's just something, definitely something that needs to be dealt with."

On if the injury was rib related:
"Yeah. And yeah, I mean, it's a cumulative thing. Probably not just one."

On how he felt during the two-minute before the half:
"I actually felt terrible before the two- minute drive, but I had to find a way."

On if the injury is a long-term issue and his impression of the penalty on the play:
"Nothing's a long term thing. It's just a matter of how long it's going to be. And honestly, I really, I really don't know. It's not something quite to this extent that I've experienced. Like I said, I'm just going to take it one day at a time. The hit itself, I heard the officials saying that it was by rule and he drove me into the ground. And that'll bring a flag."

On the importance of finding a way to win with multiple injuries:
"Listen, I think it says a lot about our team, a lot about our coaches, says a lot about our grit and determination. And listen, time and time again throughout the season we've had moments where guys have been down in key positions and other guys have stepped up and done a great job or those around them have just elevated to a new level. And once again, that's what happened again today."


On the last time he had come into a game on the fly:
"Probably three years ago, against the Chicago Bears."

On what the conversation was like between Coach Payton and Drew Brees about coming into the game:
"Just get your helmet and go. It was just like that. So I got my helmet, got prepared, started throwing, because we had the first possession in the second half. And that was that."

On if Drew Brees gave any indication of leaving the game:
"Before we left out, like he was ready to go. That was an on the field decision. And he just gave me the go ahead. And he was helping me the entire way."

On staying mentally sharp and being prepared to play at any time:
"I just prepare the same way that everyone else prepares on this team. I try to give everybody my all. I try to be right there with Drew (Brees) along the way, watching film with him and preparing with him. So, I felt like I went out there and I was prepared to lead this team. And I'm happy that my teammates had my back. And they went out there and executed well, and things went our way."

On getting an opportunity two weeks in a row to test the offense:
"Well, every day, I am just trying to get better and better. My main job's to serve my teammates, and help put us in a position to win a football game. And we all fight in this thing together. So I am happy that we had a great team win today."

On the importance of sticking to the game plan, regardless of any injuries:
"We do a great job in all of our rooms of being prepared. And the guys that came in, including myself, we were excited, we were confident. And our main goal was to go out there and get a team victory. And we did that."

On Alvin Kamara's contribution this season to the team:
"He is who he is. And I am truly blessed to have a teammate like him. He's an incredible talent, person and teammate. So when you have guys like that in your locker room that literally approach the day the same way that you do, you just really cherish them. And just love playing with him."

On Drew Brees giving him advice throughout the game:
"He was going through the course of the game, like I would do on anytime, typically, when the offense finishes the drives we go over there and we look over the board. This time since, you know, he wasn't playing, I was, I had the opportunity just to ask him some questions. See what he was seeing and just gather information from him and try to apply it out there on the field."

On if taking some snaps last game helped this week:
"Yeah, absolutely. Just getting a game experience is always good. But I've been there before. So, I'm just happy that I got a chance to go out there and just help my team get a win today."

On fans enjoying the eating the W:
"I appreciate it more when my teammates rallied around me, and I really embraced it. I think it's so great to be in an environment with such great men and women. Coming to work every single day, they knew that was a big deal. We were happy that we were able to sweep a division opponent. And we just had to move on to this next game."


Can you describe what it was like, for your team on the sidelines for yourself, when you found out Drew (Brees) wasn't you go back into the game, and you were going with Jameis Winston?
"The game's not going to stop for injury. Drew went down, Jameis Winston has been practicing all week, just like everybody else. He stepped up, he executed. He did what he had to do. We came out with a win. That is what we want to do. Week in and week out and we were able to do that and we're moving forward."

How much does it help that you guys went through this in a game last year, and having Teddy (Bridgewater) come in and working with someone else that maybe you're not as familiar with on a day in and day out basis?
"I practice with Jameis every day. I am familiar with Jameis. He is familiar with the offense because he practices in the same facility that Drew practices in every day. When Drew went down, Jameis just came in and did what he does all week. And he studies the same game plan, and he knows what we want to do and that's win. It is what it is. We still had to play a game. The game does not stop for one person. We were able to get a victory. Have to clean some things up. It was not a clean win. But, we'll take a win a win is a win."

What was the huddle like making that switch midway through the game?
"Sean (Payton) called a play and Jameis heard it and he got in the huddle and he called the play and we ran it and executed it. That's what happen every play Jameis was in. Sean gave him the play, he called it and we executed it."

New Orleans Saints fans cheer on the team from a safe distance as the Saints take on the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10 of the 2020 NFL season.

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