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Transcript: New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Postgame Quotes | Saints-Buccaneers 2019 Week 11

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees


(On the play of his team versus the Buccaneers)

"I thought the tempo was better, I thought we started faster. Obviously, getting 20 points in the first half, scoring on a bunch of drives. We would have liked to have gotten something on the two-minute drive at the end and not put our defense back on the field. So that was the takeaway from the first half. Also, a couple of those field goal drives this week, we shot ourselves in the foot with some penalties. We're going to be first-and-goal inside the five and all of a sudden, we're backed up and its 2nd-and-20 or whatever. A couple of those instances where I felt like we just – self-inflicted wounds, unforced errors. We got to clean that up. If we want to be as good as I think we can be, you have to be better in that area. Just some little things, just some assignments where all the little details; where to line up, what your job is, everybody just doing their job and eliminating unforced errors and scoring points."

(On if he was anxious to get back on the field after last week's loss)

"Absolutely, you always are after a game like that. It was good to get the win. There was enough good things in this game to get us the win. But I think we're better in a lot of areas."

(On if the touchdown catch by Jared Cook was the type of play why they acquired him)

"Yeah absolutely, listen that's just – Jared Cook standing in the end zone with anyone else standing next to him, he's going to be able to out jump the guy. You still have to put the ball in a place where he can get it, nobody else can. That's the objective there, give the guy a high ball and let him make a play."

(On if he is impressed with the in-game adjustment after TE Josh Hill's injury)

"Especially with our offense with as many personnel groups as we have and different calls and tags, if you have a situation where a guy goes down and all of a sudden somebody has to step in and maybe they weren't the one getting the rep that week, right, you just got to coach up a lot of guys and make sure that we're still able to operate efficiently."

(On if the touchdown to WR Jared Cook was a variation of a play earlier in the game)

"I don't think so."

(On his confidence in his thumb during his fourth-down conversion)

"Thumb or no thumb I just needed to hold onto the ball and get it across the line. Keep the drive going, wish we could have gone down and gotten points as a result of that."

(On if his athleticism is overlooked)

"I don't know."

(On the defense getting takeaways)

"Listen that's great, anytime you get takeaways, those are momentum changers. Especially when you can get one returned for a touchdown there at the end, that was great by the whole defense by Marcus [Williams]. Those are momentum changing plays all of a sudden, I think the interception we got maybe right there in the first quarter, we turned right into a touchdown one play later."

(On their ability to rush against the Buccaneers defense)

"They have good rush defense, I felt like we had some good schemes. And our runners were downhill and that's what you have to do against these guys."

(On how hard it is to put up numbers consistently like Michael Thomas does)

"Here's the thing, if you saw the guy work, if you saw the guy prepare, it's just what we see everyday in practice, honestly. Maybe its one of those things that when it's all said and done, you look back and you really, really appreciate. I just love his mindset. He is a 'I want the ball', 'I will get open', 'I will make the play for you' kind of guy and that's the kind of guy you want."

(On Nick Easton's)

"He did a good job, I was happy for him. Credit to him, also that whole front just the way they worked together."

(On Demario Davis' impact on the team)

"He's a great leader. He's a highly productive player, very smart. He studies and prepares and just a great teammate, great human being. We know what he stands for on and off the field. Having a guy like that who backs it all up with the way he plays, the way he speaks and the way he prepares, its great."

(On if Demario Davis stacks up with any linebacker he's played with in the past)

"Yeah, absolutely, especially just his presence, he's got a presence and a way about him that guys got to really respect."

(On whether or not leadership within the team is the reason they haven't lost back-to-back games since 2017)

"It has a lot to do with it, yeah absolutely, just your ability to respond and step up when you need to."

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