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Transcript: New Orleans Saints players Postgame Quotes | Saints-Jaguars 2019 Week 6

Get postgame reactions from Demario Davis, Ted Ginn Jr., Malcom Brown, Cameron Jordan, and Marcus Davenport


On facing RB Leonard Fournette

"He's just proven to be one of the top backs in the league. He's very explosive, a very tough tackle, very elusive if you allow him to get into space. So we knew it was going to be a game that was going to be a slugfest. They have a good offensive line and he loves to run behind them. They're a good group and they're playing good football. It was a tough challenge, so we were glad to prevail."

On the execution of containing QB Gardner Minshew

"I think it was a good job by the coaching staff putting together a plan for our front to keep him contained, keep him in the pocket, taking away his hotspots. We knew where he felt most comfortable and to try to take that away from him. It was a good job all the way around. I think our coverage guys did a great job of taking away the first read, taking away the second read and just getting the victory today."

On Coach Sean Payton's saying the defense could have held the Jaguars without a touch down for eight straight quarters

"Defensively when we're rolling, we're tough to beat. I think we got out there and got into a groove and it just kind of worked in our favor. I really commend our guys because that's a tough group. Jacksonville is playing some good football. To be able to go against a team that executes well and to be able to get off the field consistently on third down, create a takeaway, get some sacks, that was big for us."

On the hit on Jaguars TE Geoff Swaim

"First of all, I want to say my thoughts and prayers to Geoff Swaim. I know he was able to walk off the field, but you don't know what the residuals are of something like that. That's very unfortunate so my prayers are with him and I hope he heals up well and recovers from that. Unfortunately, it's a part of our game. It's a bang-bang league and sometimes those hits do happen and we don't like them. It's just an unfortunate bang-bang play that just happened when we collided and I guess he came up on the bad end of it. My prayers and thoughts are with him."

On facing another player from Brandon High School

"I guess back home they call it the Brandon Bowl. It was in the back of my head, I'm not going to lie. You have to do your job at the end of the day, but that's hometown pride. But I guess for the Brandon Bowl I'm 1-0."


On whether he agrees with Saints head coach Sean Payton that it is hard to get energized when the crowd doesn't get into the game

"With Sean, he has been in this game for so long, he prepares us throughout the week for what we're going to be going into. We already know that Jacksonville is not a real rah-rah type of stadium. We kind of know what's going to happen with the fans. We just try to go out and try to take it over, which didn't happen until the fourth quarter, but it happened and that's all that matters."

On what the feeling is like in the Saints locker room after a road win

"It's always a good feeling when you can come in here and everything that somebody did good really stands out, and everything that somebody didn't do good, doesn't stand out because you didn't take a loss. However you win a ballgame, you just win it. We'll just get back on this bus and go home and get ready for next week."

On whether he was hoping Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey was going to play in this game

"Yeah, but I don't think I would have saw him at all with Mike [Michael Thomas] on the field. He's the type of guy who likes to matchup people and different things like that. He's a great guy, he's a great talent, and I want to see him get healthy and get back on the field at all costs."

On what difference it makes for the Jaguars defense with Ramsey out

"I don't really know. I'm not on the defensive side of the ball. We know he's a great player and we want to make plays against him, but as far as him on the field or off the field, there's not much to say."

On the play of Saints TE Jared Cook

"It was real big for his confidence and for the situation to rally the team. It just shows that it's not always just on one person or on that person, we've got weapons all the way around and if everybody is doing what they're supposed to do, we should be able to get what we get."  


On the defense's performance and how they are working as a unit together

"Everyone's just working, we are all just working, trying to be where we are supposed to be, trying to help out each other. Chip in where we can when opportunities open themselves and try and make a play."

On his thoughts on New Orleans' defense before joining the team

"Definitely aggressive defense, like getting turnovers, like getting sacks. You know, everything you love about defense, they do it all so there's not one note that you can hit that they don't do. I looked into all that and I was like I would like to play there with them and help contribute somewhere, do my job, and see where we end up at the end of the year."

On the challenge of containing Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette in today's game

"We come in and try to do our job, that's part of the game. There's always a 50/50 run versus pass, whatever's it's going to be. So whatever comes out and they do whatever they're going to do, we just have to react to blocks and make the plays and not let them get too many yards."

On not keeping QB Gardner Minshew contained

"It was a big part of the game plan and we just wanted to get out there and rush and do what we do every day."


On how gratifying it is to win low-scoring games

"A win is a win, no matter how you get them, as long as you get them. Nobody talks about how you lose, they only talk about how you win. At the end of the day, we've got to put these games together. I don't even know what our record is. I know we have Chicago next week, allegedly. I only work one game at a time. I can't look too far ahead. And with our defensive line, the way they're progressing, I'm overly excited the way they've progressed. I love the way our front seven's playing, I love the way our defense is playing. When it comes down to it, we're only going to try to perfect our mistakes each and every game, win, loss or draw, and make any loss a lesson."

On how the Saints made Gardner Minshew II uncomfortable

"When you talk about his ability to scramble, we've played some elusive quarterbacks our first four or five games, not sure if you noticed. But when you talk about us being accustomed to a scrambling-type quarterback, we had a game plan set in motion. I feel like we went out and executed just that. We made him a pocket passer, and we created opportunities for our defense to create turnovers, and we capitalized on one out of a possible three."

On what it means to tie Pat Swilling for the third-most career sacks in Saints history

"I worry about accolades after the season. You talk about what we have to do in-season? We have to keep on winning. When we talk about everything we want to do as a defense, we better keep on striving. And personally, I feel like when I had those two sacks, I was trying for the ball, trying to create a turnover. That's something that I have to make amends for. I feel like our team is playing at a high level, and I have to be the spearhead of that."

On why the defensive line has been so good for the Saints

"I said at the beginning of the season that we're only going to continue to get stronger as a defensive line. After the first game, we got David Onjemata back. We got Mario Edwards back. We ended up getting Sheldon Rankins back. Each and every game, you saw the flashes of how good we could be. It also shows us the amends of what happens when our defensive line reinforces each other. Last game, you saw a flash of Carl Granderson. We have depth on our defensive line, and that's something we haven't always been able to say."


On if there was anything that inspired them after QB Drew Brees went down earlier in the season

"We've been inspired. It's been our mindset to do our job. You have to win the way you have to win and in order for us to win, we have to do our job. That's the most important key."

On how the team prepares during the week

"It's practice. We do a lot of our stuff in practice. We try to go full speed and win in practice. That way, it's natural come game time. And even in the game, we miss stuff, we miss opportunities, we see keys. We do challenge each other on the field, too."

On his confidence level

"I feel like my confidence has improved but it's just been a process. Like I said, practice. I feel like we practice good and we translate that."

On whether the team celebrates the victory or looks at areas to improve immediately following a game

"We did let some runs get out so that number should've been down. It's just things like that. We still have little plays to clean up. I think that after a great game where we don't really have that feeling of having anything that got away, then I think we'll be more content."

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