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Transcript: New Orleans Saints players Postgame Quotes | Saints-Colts 2019 Week 15

Get postgame reactions from Josh Hill, Michael Thomas, and Cameron Jordan

Tight end Josh Hill

On the record-breaking touchdown reception:
"It was a special moment. It was a special moment for Drew (Brees). I was just happy that I was able to make the play. It was a play-action. The safety bit on it and I was wide open."

On giving the ball immediately to Drew after the touchdown:
"Absolutely. I knew what it meant. It was a special moment for him."

On him setting the bar high:

"It is and he just keeps on setting it over and over. It's his preparation. It's the way that he plays the game. He cares for his teammates. He's a very special guy."

On the team win:
"I feel like we put it together in all three phases. It was a good team win. We just need to keep it going."

Wide receiver Michael Thomas

On the win:
"Our No. 1 goal was to get back on the right track. We wanted to play complementary football and playing like we know that we can. We took a step in the right direction, but we still have two games and have to finish strong."

On the chemistry between he and Drew Brees:
"It's just accountability. Our preparation throughout the week is laser-like focus. We are trying to get better and enhance our abilities. We are trying to help this team when they need us and trying to make big plays."

On the emotion of the team when Drew broke the passing touchdown record:
"That's a blessing for him, but he's not done. There is so much more that he can do. He's an incredible leader. We just follow his lead and we follow everything that he has."

On his touchdown reception and getting hit on the play:
"Sometimes if you want to score points when they double the X receiver in the end zone, then you have to earn it. You just shake that off and go on to the next one. You earn it. You hold on to it and put points on the board."

On the one-handed reception:
"I just went out to make a play. I feel like I am blessed to be able to catch it with both hands but any I'm going to try to make a play on any opportunity that Drew (Brees) gives me like I have been doing since I came into the league."

Defensive end Cameron Jordan

On Drew Brees' performance:
"I feel like I keep taking him for granted. How many records has he broken? He broke two today. He's unbelievable."

On playing a complete game:
"I hate how we gave up that last touchdown. We gave up some leaky yardage on the last drive or two. We messed up the perfect shutout game. That's something that we have to turn on the film and really watch. I was overly excited to watch the defense going into that fourth quarter. We got reps and experience given to some of the guys. We gained some experience and hopefully that will bode well for the next game."

On the defensive performance:
"I feel like I am overly excited. Of what we are able to do for three quarters and 12 minutes. We were close to a shutout and that is something that is rare. I feel like I've only been a part of one, maybe. It's special."

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