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Transcript: New Orleans Saints offensive linemen Andrus Peat training camp interview - Wednesday, Sept. 2

Peat spoke with media on cutting weight in the offseason at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints G/T Andrus Peat
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

You've been back at practice for a couple days. What's it like to get back and being able to practice?
"Yeah, definitely felt good to be back out there. Everything feels good and now just continue to work and try to get better each day."

Do you have to wear any brace or anything when you're practicing?
"Yeah, I'm protecting my thumb, but I'm not going to go into like what's on it, but I'm definitely protecting it."

Your conditioning seems to be pretty significant and noticeable. How do you feel like that's going to help you this season and on in your NFL career?
"Yeah, definitely. I really tried to put emphasis on that this offseason really starting off with the just the weight room and conditioning. So I feel like it's definitely going to be beneficial just being able to finish blocks and sustain and just feel more athletic and feel better out there. So it's definitely going to be good."

Did you lose weight this offseason or do you just kind of change your body composition? How would you kind of explain that?
"I probably lost around like 10 or 15 pounds this offseason from the end of last year."

At guard, does it make any difference to you who's playing at center? Is there a chemistry factor there where you've got to get used to both those guys? Or is it just kind of whatever?
"Yeah, just wherever the coaches feel is best for those guys to play it doesn't really matter to me. (I'm) Just trusting the coaches are going to put them in the right position. So either way, we're going to go out there and make it work."

With you slimming down and being at practice the last couple days, is there any place where it's noticeable, the difference for you?
"I can't pinpoint one thing, I'll just say overall, just feeling a feeling better, just having more energy and just feeling a little bit quicker."

I'm sorry to keep hammering on how good you look, but was there like a diet change this offseason? How did you go about actually kind of cutting down on some of the weight?
"It really was not a diet change. I just really started training right after the last game. Obviously, I missed some time during the season and came back for the last game and a half so I felt pretty fresh overall besides my arm I had surgery on. I would probably just say hitting it pretty hard right after, not really taking a break and just getting straight to it. Diet wise just trying to make good decisions, but nothing spectacular."

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