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Transcript: New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Cameron Tom video conference call - Apr. 9, 2020

New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Cameron Tom spoke to the media on Thursday, April 9

New Orleans Saints Guard/Center Cameron Tom
Media Availability
Thursday, April 9, 2020

What does it mean for you to be back with the Saints, since you are from Baton Rouge and a Louisiana native?
"I would say it means a lot, like you said I was around this team a lot and it definitely means a lot to me back and kind of just kind of just sticking to the same routine I've been with since I've been in the NFL."

*How frustrating was it being put on injured reserve before last season even started out for you? *"Yeah, it was pretty frustrating, especially going on during training camp. Not being able to play on the field. I worked so hard in the offseason (and it was disappointing) for it to end like that. It's pretty brutal, but I'm healthy now and I'm just ready to ready for this season coming up."

What are you doing right now and how are you staying in shape this offseason?
"I'm just trying to do what I can. We've been going to a park, I'm actually in Baton Rouge right now. I've been going to a park out here and just kind of doing whatever I can to just stay in shape. I've just been doing drills and just different things out there that I can do out here."

*What's the biggest way or your life has changed in the last month? *"I guess just not really having the freedom to just go out and just do whatever you want. You have to just be inside all the time. Especially now during offseason you can plan all these trips, but now it's just like, you can't do that anymore. I'm staying inside and quarantining myself."

*What do you see as your niche with this team? *"Just kind of whatever role they asked me to do. Now they kind of have their starters in place, but whatever way I can help. I'm going to be working at any interior position, center, guard. Anyway I can to help the team this season (I will)."

Do you feel like you can just kind of wedge back in to an interior offensive line role or how much of a battle do you think it's going to be considering you missed last season?
"That's the thing, I think every year it's always the same regardless of whether you're hurt or not. It's a battle every year to make the team, especially for a guy like me. I just have to keep working, just try to be as versatile as I can and be ready to work when training camp starts."

What do you like about the Saints organization and why that is such a good organization for you to be in at this point?
"Obviously I have nothing to compare it to, but from what I've heard, it's just like how the locker room is set up. All the guys, they're good guys and they help you out. There is obviously going to be competition, but everyone's there to help each other out and all the coaches are there to help you. Coach Payton I would say, during the season, he's always thinking about the players and our bodies and recovery and stuff. It is definitely a well-run organization from what I can see."

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