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Transcript: New Orleans Saints linebacker Joe Bachie training camp interview - Saturday, Aug. 22

Bachie spoke with media on his rookie offseason Saturday at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Joe Bachie
Training Camp Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, August 22, 2020

How weird was this offseason for you? Just like, just knowing that your first introduction to this team was all virtual and you don't get to actually show up and show what you can do on the practice field until like August?
"Definitely a lot different. But this is kind of my normal. You know, I don't know any different for the NFL. The virtual stuff all offseason, it was different, it was great. Coach (Michael) Hodges, Coach Rizz (Darren Rizzi), they did a great job all offseason with us, giving us the playbook constantly, installment stuff, meetings. But like I said, this is kind of normal for me. So I do not know anything different. Craig Robertson is a great, great bet to look up to, because he was a guy in 2011 with the lockout and everything. He's given me some advice, but definitely a different offseason for all of us."

Joe, I noticed at a moment during practice today when Alvin Kamara took you to the side and was showing you a route. How cool is that to get that kind of like, expertise and education from one of the top running backs in the league?
"Yeah, AK is a very intelligent guy, very intelligent football player. And whenever you can get advice like that from someone who's been so successful and is so good on the field, so smart when he runs his routes and he just told me based on the wheel route, how to play a little better, how to get my eyes around. So you can make a play on the ball, be a playmaker and maybe get an interception or something. But, it was definitely a good teaching moment, a special moment for me."

You mentioned Craig Robertson potentially having as similar as possible experience in terms of coming into the league for somebody could have here I guess, what did he tell you?
"Just stay down. Stay down. You never know when your time's going to come. Be ready for whatever it is. Then once we do get our opportunity, whenever that is, and for me, it is right now, go 100 miles per hour. You never know when your last day is. When you're out there, have fun, enjoy the process and just go out there and play ball. Have fun is the big thing. That's what he tells us everyday. Just go out there and have fun."

How do you show that you belong on this team? You don't get the game reps, with now preseason, providing limited ability to show you can tackle and stuff in practice, like how do you stand out?
"I just understand the defense, that's the biggest thing. I pride myself on being a smart football player. That's what got me on the field in college and I am hoping that's what extends my football career in the NFL a little bit. To understand the defense, slowing it down a little bit, so you can see the big picture when you are out there. The tackling and everything that's just natural for us now, at this point, from playing ball so long, but if you're in the right spot, you're going to make some plays. Like I said, just have fun when you're out there, play ball. That's what we've done since we've been little kids"

Yeah, what's it been like being in a room with a guy like Demario Davis, he's a leader, in multiple different ways, whether that's on or off the field too?
"He's a great leader, you have to take notes. That's something I've noticed. When you're a young guy you come in, you look up to the guys who have been there, had success, been through the league. And you watch him, how he studies film, how he takes notes. He's just a great leader on and off the field. And it's great to have something like that in your room because you can constantly learn from someone like that. And that's our job. Not only as young guys, as just guys in the NFL, you know, anyone you want to constantly learn and you can look up to someone like that. It's a great example for us."

Joe, where are you concentrating most of your work right now. Are you cross training at all and where do you feel most comfortable at?
"I've always played Mike linebacker, they've got me there right now. But I play Will, I get Will reps during practice. I'm willing to get Sam reps, whatever it is, I just want to be that guy who brings value in more than one way. So whether that's Mike, Will, an opportunity at Sam, special teams, whatever it is I want to bring value to that position. And I'm going to go one hundred miles per hour when I get into that position."

What's the adjustment been like for you with the Louisiana heat and humidity?
"It's not Michigan and Ohio. I'll tell you that. You know, I got down here, July 16th. So a little early, I was working out with Adam Trautman, Zach Baun, a little bit. Just trying to get used to the heat just before camp starts. You thought you were good with it and you put the helmets and the pads on, it's still a little different. But I'm glad I got down here early to try and get used to it a little bit, get acclimated. But you better be drinking a lot of water, that's for sure. You lose a ton of weight during practice, you better be drinking.

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