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Transcript: New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton Postgame Quotes | Saints-Cardinals 2019 Week 8

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton

Opening comments:
"It will be good tape to watch. Defensively, again, I was real pleased with how we played. Offensively, I thought, in the first half, we left some opportunities to score out there. I was pleased in the second half. Fortunately, we were able to separate ourselves a little bit."

On if Drew Brees exceeded expectations today:
"Honestly, we talked about this decision. We really had to pay attention to the doctors. We weren't going to be careless with it. He threw it really well last Monday. I know that there was this sentiment to wait until after the bye. Look, if a player is 100 percent healthy and feels ready to go, like him, who I trust (that's going to play an important role in the decision)…He looked fabulous all week of practice. This is an important game. Each one of these 16 games has the same value. We are close to the six-week (recovery) mark now. Yes, to have a game like he did today (was a great return). We scored a lot in the second half. It was a good win."

On Latavius Murray's performance:
"Real steady. He's one of these runners that has good vision and can kind of put his foot in the ground and pick up speed in a hurry. He is a fantastic teammate. All of the things that we look for in a player, he has. He has been a good addition to us."

On if Latavius Murray is built for games like today:
"He is one of those backs, who you feel like as the game goes on he's got good stamina. He's in great shape. I don't know that you go in (to the game) knowing that you're going to have those type of touches. We got into the fourth quarter with a pretty good lead. I was pleased with how we ran it."

On the Saints stopping the Cardinals on fourth down:
"Good stop. Obviously, it was on their end of the field. It was a real good play. To the defense's credit, they were one-dimensional. Our ability to run the ball and possess the ball, I think, all of those things that we talk about, relative to winning games, I think, came to fruition in this game….It's taking advantage of the field position. That was one of a number of big plays. I thought we contested throws well. I thought that we did a lot of things well."

On why the clock continued running after Latavius Murray ran out of bounds:
"They ruled that his progress was going away from the line of scrimmage. If that hand by the official just keeps rolling, (the clock doesn't stop). You have to finish going forward on the sideline. If they ever feel like you were finished going backwards, they will keep it going."

On if there were any limitations to play calling today:
"None. It was really the defense that we're seeing and putting our plan together. There weren't any (thoughts), 'Well, this week let's not do (certain plays).' There wasn't one of them. He (Drew Brees) was 100 percent."

On if Latavius Murray was used the same way as Alvin Kamara would be:
"A little bit, but not quite totally. We had two halfbacks up in this game, which is a little bit unusual. Zach's (Line) a player who is familiar with the (tailback) position. Of course, if need be, Taysom's (Hill) one of those guys that can fill in. I think in order to run your offense, there are certain things that he might do that maybe would've been plays that Alvin might (have had). It does change, for us, a little bit, relative to personnel groupings."

On the progress of C.J. Gardner-Johnson:
"We've seen it in training camp and we've seen (it in) the preseason. He is extremely competitive. I like that about him. He plays hard; and, he's got really, really good ball skills. We've gotten some really good production out of him. In games like this where they are in a lot of four receiver sets, you can't have enough of those guys."

On if there is anything that he knows now about the team that he didn't before the season:
"Obviously, we have a lot of football left. You go through momentum cycles and sometimes being on different teams you're trying to create momentum. I'd say this is a pretty close and resilient group. I think that they care a lot about each other. I think that they understand how to win and also how difficult it is. We will have some time away and then get back in here, ready for another home game."

On the crowd cheering for Teddy Bridgewater:
"He was outstanding (as the starter). He appreciates that (the fans support him). Look, it's a big reason why we acquired him in the offseason. Sometimes, you don't know if you are going to need that. It was good to see the team rally and play well when we needed to and continue that momentum here when Drew (Brees) came back. It is about winning. With the roster size the way that it is, we are going to need to count on everyone."

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