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Transcript: New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Malcolm Roach training camp interview - Friday, Aug. 28

Roach spoke with media about playing close to his hometown and the advice from his teammates as the team prepares for the 2020 NFL season at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Defensive Lineman Malcolm Roach
Training Camp Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, August 28, 2020

What's it been like for you to essentially be less than a hundred miles from home, playing for your hometown NFL team?
"Like I've been saying, it's like a dream come true. It's something I dreamed about for a long time, just making the most of this opportunity every time I come here, every day, working my tail off and just trying to get better every day. And like I said, it's a dream come true to be here."

You mentioned you know, trying to make some plays. What's kind of been your goal as you've been out at these practices?
"My biggest goal is just to get better every day. Just do things to pop off on the screen, be noticed and things like that and just get better every day. (I'm) Doing what Coach Nielsen's telling me with the technique. Once I do those things, when we get out there on the field, I feel like it's helping me make plays and things like that." 

And what's been some of the feedback you've gotten from Coach Nielsen and some of the other coaches?
"They just tell me to continue to play hard. Continue to do what I've been doing and just continue to learn. Each day I come in, they tell me I'm like a sponge. (I'm) Just trying to learn and just being around those veteran guys, Malcolm (Jenkins), Sheldon (Rankins), Cam (Jordan) and David (Onyemata). They've been able to coach me up on things that, what coach (Nielsen) sometimes can't see when we're out on the field. It's just been a lot of help (all) around, helping me get better every day."

How have those guys been advising you?
"They just keep on telling me to continue to play hard, continue doing what I've been doing. I feel like I'm gaining those guys' respect. Every day I come in and they just see the tenacity and the motivation I play with. the biggest thing is I'm trying to do (is) just gain those guys' respect. Once I gain my peers' respect I feel like I'll be able to fit in with the team just like them."

Are you being asked to do kind of a similar thing to what you were asked to do at the University of Texas? Or you have kind of a new role here in the pros?
"Yeah, I move around positions. Going from both interior positions, so not as much move around as I did in college and things like that. Here it's just mainly those two positions, just making the most of it."

You guys are going to practice in the Dome tomorrow. I know as a kid growing up in Louisiana, just how excited are you every time you get to go play inside there?
"I'm very excited, growing up in Louisiana, that's one thing you dream of, playing in the (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) Dome. If you're playing in the Dome you're either in the state championship, or you're playing Sugar Bowl or playing for the Saints. So, growing up as a kid, that's one thing I always dreamed about. Anytime I got the opportunity to play in the Superdome just make it memorable. Every time I did, I tried to".

Have you learned any moves from some of these guys, like are you picking up a Sheldon Rankin spin move or anything like that?
"Yeah. I've been working on the spin move with Sheldon. I got it in there a few times, in these last few practices I've done it. Just working with Sheldon on the spin or working with David (Onyemata) on cross chopping, arm over, things like that. Big Mal's (Malcom Brown) helping me get my hands up quicker, things like that. So it's been all around for the guys helping each other"

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