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Transcript: New Orleans Saints defensive back Patrick Robinson training camp interview - Friday, Sept. 4 

Robinson spoke with media on consistency at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Patrick Robinson 
Video Call with Local Media 
Friday, September 4, 2020

How would you assess your performance in training camp?
"I would say I'm pretty consistent for the most part, you know, and just being a veteran, that's all you can ask the veteran, try to be consistent and just do your job really."

What makes this secondary so dangerous when you're playing multiple positions and being versatile?
"Yeah, like you said, we have a lot of guys that can play two or three positions. In this day and age, you need to have a lot of guys to do that. It's a passing league now for the most part and you got to have depth, and guys that can do two or three things."

Do you feel different physically this season, it seems like you're flying around and getting your hands on a lot of balls?
"Well, I'm healthy, that's the main thing. Just staying healthy (is important). And then I'm just trying to show what I can still do."

Was there anything you did different to prepare yourself for this training camp?
"Well, I changed my diet. I don't eat chicken, pork or beef anymore now. I'm trying to stay healthy. The older you get you start to get a little bit more sore, start (to) get a little bit slower, but if you stay healthy then that's a good thing."

Do you have any preference in where you play or are you more comfortable playing inside or outside?
"Ah, depending on who we're playing to be honest. But I could play it all. I'm still trying to show it."

Did you go on a pescatarian diet?
"If that's what you call it."

Can you eat just fish?
"Yeah it's just fish."

How frustrating were the last couple of years with all the injuries after returning to New Orleans?
"It was very frustrating, trying to come back and show what I can do and then start getting hurt and all these injuries. It was extremely frustrating to be honest and now I am healthy. The past is the past and I'm trying to look forward to be honest."

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