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Transcript: New Orleans Saints cornerback P.J. Williams video conference call - Apr. 13, 2020

New Orleans Saints cornerback P.J. Williams spoke to the media on Monday, April 13

New Orleans Saints Cornerback P.J. Williams
New Orleans Media Availability
Monday, April 13, 2020

Did you learn anything about yourself playing several positions defensively last season, including safety, cornerback and nickel corner?
"Definitely, just being able to just play those different positions. Because I haven't played safety and just knowing I can do it. I always thought I could, getting in there and receiving some action really solidified the fact I know I can do it and whenever my number was called to be able to play a different position that I can go in there and do it. Just using all the things coaches send us, teaching us in practices and stuff and just being able to take it to the game on short notice is definitely (important). I felt like I learned (a lot)."

How did your mindset have to adjust during that process?
"Yes. I feel like mainly just, for me I feel like it's an eye discipline thing, just being a defensive back. I feel eye discipline's a real big thing for us and so when you go from playing corner or slot corner when you are looking mainly at a couple things and then going like back to free safety to see the field and not just look at a couple of things. It's a lot different. I feel like throughout the game I was getting acclimated (with) my eye discipline to play safety."

Why did you choose to come back to the Saints?
"Ultimately, I just feel like that's the best fit for me. I've been there five years. It's about to be my sixth year. I love it there! Just like coaches, you have great coaches, it's a great situation, a great chance to compete for a championship, which ultimately is the goal and just being comfortable. We have got a good group. I feel like they're doing a good job of keeping most of us together and also add some good pieces. I feel like ultimately it was just the best decision for me."

Do you get the sense that teams prefer to have their own free agents back with the possibility of a limited offseason program?
"Actually I have not even thought about that, but that is a good point. I have not thought about that, but I'm sure the coaches are going to do whatever they can to get us ready. We have been talking to the coaches and stuff like that. (We are) Going to get into some video calls and video meetings and stuff with the coaches (once that phase of the offseason comes. I feel like that definitely will (get) us ready coming in no matter what time it is."

Do you think this offseason will benefit teams that have chemistry already built like the Saints?
"Yes, that will definitely benefit us. Just having a lot of guys to come back. (We) Keep guys like Janoris (Jenkins) and (they) continue to receive some reps in and stuff like that. I feel like a few of the new guys we got they are veterans and so they know how to get acclimated with new teams and be able to (be ready)., I feel like they (signed) guys that they know can just plug in and (are) going to come in ready. Always having guys that have been together (before) is definitely (good), compared to other teams that have other guys coming in from free agency."

Do you have a positon preference between what you have played or are you just a get me on the field kind of guy?
"Oh yeah, (I'm a) get me on (the field) for this (kind of player). I can play anywhere, but definitely want to learn more and get better. But yeah, I feel like anywhere on the field I'll be good."

What position do you play now? Are you going to primarily play that nickelback role?
"Yes, they know my versatility. I talked to coach AG (Aaron Glenn) all the time. I would not specify just one position. I'm going to come in there being ready to play them all, so wherever they need me, I'll be ready."

Are you projecting yourself to play that same nickelback role as heavily as you did last year?
"Yeah, (I) definitely feel like I'll be at the nickel cornerback (position) for the most part. They didn't really tell me I was just transitioning to play a safety position or anything. Definitely that nickel cornerback (position) to start off with."

Do you have a personal trainer you're working out with?
"Yeah I have a personal trainer. We get work in four or five times a week. Definitely, a good thing, but other times, I'm from an hour and a half away from where I live, so I might go home and do some home workouts there and just check on my family and stuff like that. But, yeah, I have a personal trainer so I'm getting some good work in, which is definitely a good."

Have any of the other guys had to find a personal trainer?
"I haven't really had to many conversations with guys. I've seen some videos on Instagram and stuff being innovative doing their workouts and stuff like that and also I'm looking at them like, ok, I can do that type of stuff at home also. But yeah, just a couple guys I know that live where I live that don't have a trainer and they (are) doing stuff at home and finding fields and stuff trying to get work in. It's definitely a tough time, I'm sure better for others, but at the end of the day (we all) just (need to) find a way (to get through this)."

Did coronavirus affect you getting back from our vacation earlier this offseason and did you have fun on your vacation?
"Yes, I was back before that and then it got kind of crazy like a week or so after I got back (from vacation). It did not really affect the vacation. Yes, (I) definitely had a good time. (It's) Definitely always good to get away. It's tough right now. Everybody is vacationing at home. You have to make the best of it right now."

What is the way, I guess that your life has changed the most since we've been in quarantine for almost a month?
"I guess just not going anywhere. I have my daughter, so just being with her all day, making sure she (is) doing the work she has to do and trying to keep her busy because she's bored all day. I have an eight-year old. Kids get bored easy. Just keeping her company taking her with me to workout and I'm trying get her to work out with me also. (I'm) Just trying to stay positive through everything."

What are your thoughts on no sports being on television and what are you watching in free time?
"I do a lot of Netflix watching. I feel like I did that a lot before sports and stuff, but it's just crazy that there's no sports. The world is totally different. But I watch a lot of different shows and movies on Netflix. That's pretty much all I do at home, watch shows and movies that's pretty much it. No sports. It's crazy."

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