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Transcript: New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore training camp interview - Friday, Aug. 21

Lattimore spoke with the media about being focused on the details and challenging himself 

New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore
Training camp video call with New Orleans media
Friday, Aug. 21, 2020

Just curious what your thoughts are on the secondary as a group right now, it looks like you guys got your hands on a lot of passes so far.
"The secondary group, man, we're rocking right now. Everybody knows their role and they're doing well. Everybody in the back end, the whole defense is looking amazing right now, but we can always get better and tweak up the little things, but right now we're doing good, we're competing and we're going after ball too so it's good."

You have Jackrabbit (Janoris Jenkins) in the locker room with you last year, but what's it like being out there with him when you're running together?
"Last year he came and did what he had to do. We have been with each other since last year so everybody is getting more comfortable and just right now we are just rocking up and he's doing great. That's a great addition to the team right there, Jackrabbit. That was (a) good one getting him, definitely."

I think we've heard you say it and maybe Aaron Glenn and maybe Michael Thomas say that the thing that that you have to do is just be consistent, you're an elite player, you just have to be consistent. Do you feel like you've kind of grown to master that part of it? Do you feel like that consistency's right there right now?

"Yeah, I know deep down that I can be consistent, but right now it's still early. I have a long way to go to really test that consistency, but right now definitely I could do it. It is just not getting bored, not underestimating receivers, play every receiver like they're Julio Jones, or Mike Thomas, or the top receivers so that's really what it is with my consistency. Yeah, I believe I can do it."

*What are some of the ways you're challenging yourself to be better and to get to that next level you kind of talked about? *

"Just more mental and physical, everything. Just tuning up everything or everything that I see that I need to work on I'm working on it. Staying after practice doing just little stuff, take care of my body, in a meeting room, just going over and paying attention to every, little detail. I think that's so far that's been treating me well, so now I've just got to keep it up and keep going."

When we're talking to like DA (Dennis Allen) and AG (Aaron Glenn) about your consistency, they were bringing up focus and treating every receiver like they're Julio (Jones) and Mike Thomas, can you do anything to improve that? Do you do any like mindfulness or anything like that this offseason? How do you how you work on focus?
"I just know what I have to do to be one of the greats and I want to be great. I have to go out there and do what I have to do. If you want to be great, you'll have to tune up any little thing that you need to turn up that's just where I'm at with it."

Any thoughts on the Big 10 not playing football and if they would have said we're playing in January, right before you got drafted, would you have played?
"I won't lie to you, I never even thought about the Big 10 and not playing, but I want them to play, of course. I want to Ohio State to win it all, but I've never really thought about it."

Going back to Jackrabbit, what does having a player like Janoris playing on the field on the other side with you do to help expand your game and maybe change some of the things you might be able to do, like play more press coverage?

"He's a dog. He just knows he's a vet and he knows what he's doing out there. So I can learn stuff from him and that's going to raise my game up. Having that older player on the team at my position to really teach me about every, little detail of playing corner, not just going off my athletic ability, but just actually knowing what's going on. That's going to raise my game. Everybody in the back end is playing like dogs right now. That's what we are so we're going to carry that on to the season keep getting better."

No fans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for game one, and there are a couple away games that won't have fans either. Have you put any thought into how different that's going to be?

"No, not really. I've just been focusing on what I can control right now and that's just becoming better and making the team better. I haven't really thought about the fans, but when that time comes, I'll started thinking about it. Right now, we're just working, we haven't really thought that far ahead."

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