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Transcript: New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton training camp interview - Wednesday, Sept. 2

Payton spoke with media on player production at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Was Alvin Kamara in the building every day he was required to be this week?
"Not getting into the specifics, obviously everyone's here to get tested outside in the parking lot first, and then we kind of go from there. We're actively negotiating a contract with he and his agent and we will keep you posted if there is any progress."

Did you fine him for missing practice?
"If I did, I wouldn't tell you."

If you guys don't reach a contract agreement, do you foresee this being something where maybe he doesn't play week one?
"We're focused on him being a part of our plan week one."

Does it say something that he was actually at practice today? Does that say anything to you?
"No, look, it was good having him back out there. I thought he had a good practice today, and he's an important part of what we do."

Were you at all frustrated with how this played out? And did you to have to talk and sort of make amends as I know a couple of reports have characterized it?
"No, I haven't read specifically any reports and I don't think he and I have had (to amend anything), we've visited, but I wouldn't call it making amends at all."

Mrs. Benson was at practice today after previously testing positive for Covid, what was your conversation like with her today?
"It was good to see her. She's feeling better. I know she was excited to finally be able to get out and be around our players and she's feeling good. Obviously, anytime someone's gone through it, you love to see them back in good health and good spirits and I would describe our visit that way. It was great seeing her."

What did you see out of Marcus Davenport today and has he sort of fallen behind where he should be, where would you say his status is right now?
"No, I think he's doing well. He's had a real good camp, so I don't think he's fallen behind. We backed off some reps probably a few days ago just relative to a small injury, but nothing significant. Nothing that would certainly keep him from playing week one."

Thursday's practice, have you decided on the format? Is it going to be scrimmage like or is it going to be more like Saturday practice?
"No, we're going to get a lot of move the ball periods in. One of the things that I think is going to be important for every team in this league week one is the substitutions. It's not uncommon in the preseason, where periodically you're missing a guy, you have 12 on the field. All of those mistakes really have to be eliminated. And even today, we went through a few different periods where we were in and out, on and off with different personnel groups. So tomorrow's goal is to get a lot of move the ball in. It won't be a completely live scrimmage, but it will be full go and we'll meet on that today and kind of go through the different roles and the different substitutions."

At safety, would P.J. Williams fit more of the free mold are strong or is he a little bit of both?
"He's a smart player. I feel like he can play in both those positions. He's one of the few players that we feel like can go outside and play at the corner position. Certainly he's had a lot of experience at the nickel. That's one of those players that we discussed earlier here, a week ago that provides really good versatility. I would probably say more at free, but we feel like he's smart enough to play in both of those positions."

Now that you've had a couple of weeks to work with Jameis (Winston), how do you think he's progressing now that he's in this new offense and all that?
"I think he's doing real well. I've been pleased. He's in good shape. I think he's very quickly picked up what we're doing from a system standpoint. And yet there are a number of things that that he continues to work on to improve, but I think he's made that transition with us pretty quickly. He's a smart player and we've just got to continue to give him the reps. He and Taysom (Hill) both really received most of the work today."

Having the ability to just sit Drew (Brees) and let Drew (Brees) rest, what does that give you as far as opportunity getting an extended look at both Taysom and Jameis (Winston)?
"It's the one thing that both of them need and that's just game experience or game like reps in practice. And I thought, throughout camp with just three quarterbacks, we've been able to do that to some extent and then even more so today."

What kind of camp do you think Keith Washington has had?
"He has had very good ball production. You can see he has good hands. So I'd say really good."

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