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Transcript: New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton training camp interview - Monday, Aug. 24

Payton spoke with media about two-minute drill installations at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Training Camp Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, August 24, 2020

We are in the part of the calendar right now where you would have been past the second preseason game. Are you trying to, I don't know, maybe keep kind of a tally of where you guys are based on what the calendar would have looked like at this time based on progress?
"Well, I'm not necessarily comparing it to where we would have been this time last year. We knew when we set the calendar with this year's schedule where we expected to be. It was a big two minute install today. Our goal is to, obviously, Tuesday will be off and then (we look forward) to get back in the pads and have more of a scrimmage type of a setting here towards the latter part of the week. So we're on schedule based on what we laid out. Now, compared to in years past where you're playing preseason games, it would be a little different."

That scrimmage part, are you you're talking about doing it here on campus, or are you going to do any of that at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome?
"Yeah, look, the plan is to be at the Superdome on Friday, and then we'll be back at the Superdome next week as well. So we'll have two practices there. We'll have some live work done there. We'll also get some live work done here on campus."

You mentioned two-minute install. Were there things you liked about what you saw of it today?
"Yeah, look, it's all the details relative to playing fast, defensively communication, making sure we're on the same page and then understanding the multiple situations. There's so many of them, end of half, end of game, ahead three, ahead six, same way offensively and so it's going through those, discussing those and then we got some live practice reps today creating those types of situations."

With Cesar (Ruiz) at center for a couple days now, has that been pretty clean? Have you liked what you saw so far?
"Yeah, look, we'll see the tape today. Yesterday there was some good things and then things that we want to see both he and Erik (McCoy) clean up. It's kind of going as we talked about. We wanted to work with both of those guys at the center, right guard combination and so we'll have a chance to see today's practice, but overall I think it's been well."

What kind of progress have you seen in Carl Granderson? It does not seem like we have talked about him a whole lot on our side, but what have you seen from him?
"I think number one, I see a change in his body type. Man, he's carrying more weight. I think he's had a good offseason and I think he's had some good practice days. He's put together a few so I'm encouraged with how he looks. I think he's a strong player. We'll continue to keep (giving him reps). He's one of those guys that these reps and these live situations, all of it's invaluable to him. He's a second year player, but I would say number one, he looks to be heavier, but also stronger."

Why was Nigel Bradham released? Did he just fall down the depth chart with some of these young linebackers?
"Yeah, we're working constantly evaluating all the snaps and looking closely at these guys. It was a decision we made just based on what we had seen so far. We're going to get some of these younger guys more work."

Was it a veteran rest day for Malcolm Jenkins today?
"Yes, look, with a handful of these guys we'll sit them down. With Alvin (Kamara), we're dealing with a little bit of a stomach bug. With each one of these players, periodically, we'll give them some time off. So that's kind of where we're at there."

I saw Drew (Brees) and Emmanuel Sanders working, like, when you were doing the punt period, they were kind of off to the side chatting through what looked like a route they ran during team. How's that connection coming along? And just with the kind of limited time that you have, how important is it to kind of get that down now?
"Yeah, look, I think we're right in the middle of it. There'll be subtle things that he's picking up very quickly on, and then a few other things that we need to be on the same page with. I think he's a guy that learns pretty quickly, and has got good experience. That's part of camp."

I know you probably get asked about the two minute drill earlier, but just overall as a coach, how important do you think that part of the game is, the situational part in the two minute both offensively and defensively?
"I think it's very important. When we look at the breakdowns every offseason, you're going to be, offensively and defensively, in that type of situation at the end of the first half and, man, in a large majority of the games, you're going to be in that situation at the end of the game. Comparatively when you when you look at your goal line cut up, if you will, you might be at 14, 16 snaps, but two minute, you're going to be over 100 snaps and oftentimes with the game on the line. So I think it's huge. It's having to defend to win a game or having to score to win a game."

Ethan Greenidge got in some work with (Ryan) Ramczyk not there today. What are you seeing from him in his second camp?
"He's had some good flashes, I think he's becoming more and more consistent, he's a good athlete. I'm encouraged his progress so far."

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