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Transcript - New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton postgame quotes | Saints-Falcons 2020 Week 11

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton


(On Taysom Hill's performance and a good team win)
"I thought that he played well. He had the one turnover late in the game in the four minute. We had a big touchdown pass called back. It's a good team win. I thought that we were fantastic defensively. I don't know what our rushing numbers were (on rush defense), but I think that it's a really good run defense. We managed to take advantage of enough opportunities to win that game."

(On if Taysom Hill settled down as the game went on today)
"Yeah, listen, it's your first start ever in the NFL. I think that he called one formation (and) flipped around the wrong way. There was one motion. All of that kind of calmed down and he got very comfortable with the flow of the game. We did a good job up front, I thought, blocking him."

(On How Taysom Hill handled the week of preparation)
"It's the process that we go through every week. Obviously, it's a different type of plan. Our players were good all week, rock solid. Jameis (Winston, all of us (were prepared). Look, this happens a lot to other positions; and, I understand when it happens to the quarterback, there is more attention drawn to it. These guys handled it well. We have been playing well. It's good to get another win."

(On if the team got different looks from the Falcons because Taysom Hill was playing)
"I don't think so. I think that we've seen a number of the stuff that we saw today, we've seen on film probably more recently. Certainly, in the second half with our lead, we got a little bit of a heavier run-front look, but we got those in our home and away games last year."

(On how much the offense changed with Taysom Hill at quarterback)
"The offense changed some. We carried a lot of the same protections. Certainly, we featured some heavy play-actions. We felt like it was going to be a lot of down-safety defense. I thought that we threw the ball downfield well. I was proud of the execution. Again, I thought that we blocked them up front real well."

(On the defense)
"I just finished telling them that that is a really good offense that we are seeing. When you look at position by position, I thought that that was a key. Without one of our starting corners, that was impressive."

(On the pass coverage)
"We got into some zone traps and we did a good job of keeping it in front of us. I thought that we were a half a step on each break getting the ball knocked down. We contested a lot of passes. I thought that we were very good on the back end."

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