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Transcript: New Orleans quarterback Teddy Bridgewater Postgame Quotes | Saints-Jaguars 2019 Week 6

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater


On his postgame thoughts
"We had a couple struggles early in the game, but great teams always try to find a way to win each football game and that's what we were able to do today. Specialists did a great job with changing the field position, defense did a great job of, you know, keeping those guys from crossing the 50, and we came home with the win. Like I said, great teams find a way to win football games. We knew that there was going to be a fight coming out this way, with different elements and things like that, but it feels to get back on the plane and heading back to New Orleans with a win."

On the two connections to TE Jared Cook
"Yeah, it was just – the touchdown where I tried to get the ball to Mike [WR Michael Thomas] and Jacksonville had a great coverage call to take Mike away and Jared won his matchup. That's what we expect from those guys, when we get those matchups and try to take advantage of them. The third-down play was just a great play call by Coach [Head Coach Sean Payton]. We knew that we had two options, front side and back side, and the defense lost Jared and he made a big play for us."

On whether he's starting to get more comfortable with Jared Cook
"Yeah I'm definitely getting comfortable just with all the guys. Of course, we scored a little today, mainly me with some accuracy things. But overall man, these guys, we work extremely hard throughout the week just trying to continue to build that chemistry. Today, Jared had a solid day for us and Mike, even Mike, had some catches. It's good to just continue to get those guys involved and they help this team win football games."

On whether it was his decision or coaches' decision to pass and not move much from the pocket
"Well, it was just plays that were called. They didn't require me to move much, and we tried to execute something different this week – well, I did – and I came in at halftime and I made the right adjustment and was able to go back out there and play fast."

On whether it was frustrating to not get the run game going today
"Sometimes, but for the most part, we know that when we're out there playing, it's going to take all 11 guys on the football field to win these football games. Offensive line is doing a great job of blocking for whoever is back there and wideouts are doing a great job of blocking our side as well. So, we love to get RB Alvin Kamara going, but we got playmakers on this team – they're on this team for a reason."

On the importance of getting the running game going in the second half
"Yeah definitely. The defense has been playing lights out. And when you come out and you play a team like Jacksonville, you understand that it's going to be a battle. When you respect the game and you respect your opponent, you understand the challenges that come with that battle. Today, was one of those days where they played us tough, but we were able to score one touchdown, kick two field goals and give ourselves enough cushion. You know, the way our defense has been playing, I apologized to D.A. [Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen] today right after the game and told him 'I'm sorry, I don't want to have to put you in that situation where you're having to fight all game and we're making it hard on you,' but hats off to the defense. Those guys have been playing some lights out football lately."

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