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Transcript: New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees Postgame Quotes | Saints-Panthers 2019 Week 12

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

(On the final drive)
"Just playing the situation. Knowing how much time you have, knowing we have one timeout, knowing that all we have to do is get in field goal range and we feel good about our chances. Just want a chance to win in the end. At the end of the day, the whole game was really back and forth. Got to give them a ton of credit. They came in and really battled both sides of the ball and it was back and forth. I would say it was a hard-fought football game. I would say for us, as I think about just that fourth quarter, we basically gave them the ball, interception and fourth down stop at mid-field or better for them, and obviously as I look back on that as an offense and say, that can't happen. We can allow that to happen. It felt like there were some other opportunities during the course of the game that we missed or just didn't capitalize on, some unforced errors. Listen, it's not always going to be perfect and in fact I'd say to gut out a win like this with a team is pretty significant. I think it just continues to strengthen the team and gives you a ton of confidence. Also (it) let's us know that our best is still out there. We are still searching for that best game."

(On not having as much rhythm in the second half as in the first half)
"We started off with I think two touchdowns, right? Fast start, we were talking about that and we need to improve on that. I think we made strides toward that today and guys coming up with some big plays. It was a combination of big plays and was just good complementary football, a good balance. There was a sequence there at the end of the first half where we stopped them on defense and then we get the penalty, and I'm thinking there was maybe seven minutes left in the half, something like that at that point. They get it and go all the way down and score. Otherwise, they're punting to us and maybe we're going on a drive and getting points and not letting them back on the field. When you look at the entirety of the game, you have to look at all these little things where that was tough for us because we allowed them to stay on the field; not only that, but they went down and got a touchdown. And they didn't allow us to get the ball back and they get the ball to start the second half. So as an offense you feel like, it's about an hour before we got to snap, between snaps. Lot of little things that take place during the course of the game that make the games unique."

(on the discrepancy in official's penalty calling)
"Well, penalties are judgement calls and then I think we, as a league, competition committee, everyone tried to build in certain mechanisms to be able to make sure we get it right. I think the thing that'll be discussed probably for the rest of the season and onwards is, pass interference. What is and what is not. It was kind of my impression, based on what I've seen this year, is they're not going to overturn anything unless it's like what happened in the NFC Championship, where it's a total timing thing and prevents the tragedy. Now one got overturned today. That's one out of I don't know how many that haven't. That was interesting. Why that one versus some others. Again, at some point, there is someone that's making a judgement call, a human decision that's being made. It's impossible for that to always be consistent."

(On knowing when Michael Thomas has broken down a defender)
"You're referencing everything throughout the course of the game. That formation, that alignment, that release pattern, what did they see, how did they react to it, what can you kind of keep in your back pocket for later on. That's the game within the game."  

(On two-minute drills)
"It is exciting and butterflies, but it is also confidence and unity. We feel like everybody knows we have a challenge ahead. Everybody knows what we need to do in order to accomplish whatever we need to accomplish to go win the game. Everybody kind of just locks in and goes. It's where a lot of the things that happen and transpire over the course of the game kind of give you that information, that confidence, that assurance on how you're going to handle that drive and how you're going to accomplish the task."

(On how the offense will prepare for Thursday night's game in Atlanta)
"As I recall, it wasn't too long ago obviously, they got after us a little bit on the pass rush. We weren't very balanced offensively. We didn't run the ball that many times and we didn't run as effectively as I know we can. I think anytime we take the field, regardless of who the opponent is, we want be balanced. We want to be efficient. We want to convert third downs, make big plays when we have the opportunity. Score points and win games."

(On Wil Lutz)
"Ton of confidence (in him) and just that whole unit. That whole unit in the time that we've all been here together, and he's been our kicker, we've had plenty of those moments. I think it's one of those things where Carolina has the ball at the end of the game and they're driving and (the) defense believes that they're going to stop them, and they do. Field goal block unit says, we're going to somehow effect this and they miss it. Offense says, we're going to go down and give our kicker and our kicking unit a chance to win this game, we do, and they step up and make it. It's a team effort."

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