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Transcript: New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees Postgame Quotes | Saints-Falcons 2019 Week 10

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

(On the protection)
"I haven't seen the film, my eyes were down in the field, but listen, they're a good pass rush team. They've got a lot of guys and they rotate them. I think they got after us at times, but listen, that's the great equalizer in any game is the pass rush. If you have enough time, guys are eventually going to get open down the field. That's always the game within the game on both sides of the ball. Their offensive front against our defensive front and vice versa. Listen, this will always be a game about execution. Sometimes the difference between continuing a drive, getting a third down conversion or making that big play is just inches or it's fractions of a second. As I look to today, obviously nine points is not what we aspire to score, especially at home. But man, there's just so many little things, so many plays here and there on every drive where it's just a split second here, just an extra foot here, whatever it is, just better execution all the way around that I think would have resulted in a better result. You continue to drive, you get a little momentum, you have a tempo, and then all of a sudden now you're in scoring position."

(On if the team lacked energy)
"We definitely didn't execute as well as we normally do or expect to do. I don't think that had to do with anything. If we come off a week where it was flat all week in practice and it just carried over to the game, that's one thing, but no we're obviously rested coming off the bye. I felt like we had good practices, up-tempo and we went offense against defense on Monday, kind of Saints for Saints. We got into the game planning with Atlanta just like we normally would on any week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Nothing was different there. Unfortunately, the result today offensively was not where it needed to be."

(On if there was miscommunications that couldn't get the offense going)
"Again, these are just like little things, monotonous. The second drive of the game we had a play action and we lost inside so I scramble to the right to throw it to Tre'Quan (Smith) and he jumps up for it and just barely misses it. He kind of bobbles, it hits the ground and it pops free. There was a defender underneath and had I thrown the ball just literally a couple inches lower it probably would've allowed him to catch that ball in stride and not have to leave his feet. Then maybe he's down the sideline for a 40 yard gain. Instead that puts us to third and long and we jumped off sides and now we're in third and extralong and we don't get it and we punt the ball. Inches are the difference between us punting or us getting a 40-yard gain. There was a couple of examples of that throughout the game."

(On if it's normal to have a bad game in a 16 game season)
"I'd say this, yes, for portions of a game, but then man, when you have a chance to make it a game, put yourself in position to win, you've got to do that. I've been a part of many games where maybe you don't play your best for the first three quarters, maybe things just don't go your way or whatever it is. And then you just made you fight, scratch, claw, you keep fighting and then all of a sudden you're in a position where you've got the ball and you're down six and you have a chance to go win. Unfortunately, for us in that fourth quarter, what we missed on three, fourth downs or something like that? Come on that's not us, we're better than that."

(On buying into the notion of the coming out flat)
"It's all execution. Again, it's not some grand, mind boggling, some sort of revelation here. It's simple execution. It's just little things here and there that put yourself into a better position to convert a third down or make a big play and then from there create scoring opportunities. That's really what it is. I can't think of every one right now, but I can certainly think of a few where if we just make that play it's a totally different game."

(On the concern surrounding slow starts offensively)
"I'd say that's one of the bigger things that we're lacking right now offensively is that fast start. I can't think of anytime this season where we've just come out like game busters and just score, score, score. It's been kind of a slow start and we kind of find ourselves and then maybe we break it open in the second half, but I'd say that that's definitely an area where we can improve and we'll need to improve if we want to get to where we want to go."

(On the difficulty of getting into a rhythm with so many penalties)
"That's another thing. I don't know how many first downs we gave them that allowed them to continue drives. I think just looking at the stat sheet, I think they got six first downs on penalties and at least half, more than half of those were on third down. We're off the field and all of a sudden we're giving them the ball back and they're going down and getting points. That's obviously something I know our guys are talking about on the other side of the ball is man don't give any freebies. For us offensively, it's a penalty here and there all of a sudden makes it third and 15 as opposed to the third and five or seven or eight. Your percentages of converting those go way down. There's those areas certainly where we can get better, we can improve. Defensively, let's get off the field. Let's get the offense back out there. Offensively, we put ourselves in manageable positions. Man we're going to convert a lot of third downs. We're going to keep drives alive. We're going to go score points. That was a big factor in this game as well."

(On the Falcons having six sacks)
"listen, I pride myself on getting the ball out. Listen, there's times where you've got hold it and the situation, the circumstance calls for it. You've got to hang in there because you've got to push that ball down the field and take the sack and if that's the worst thing that happens then that's okay. There's other times where even if we get beat or even if that guy's not supposed to be there, but he's about to take me down and find a way to get out of it, buy a little extra time or just get rid of the ball so I can avoid the sack and then maybe that gives us a better chance on third down now. So instead of let's say a seven yard loss and we're in third and 15 we're in third and seven and we've got a lot better chance to convert that. Again, all the little things that played a big factor in this game. Making some of those plays, just extra split-second or game of inches, playing the percentages, run the ball better, avoiding a sack or the negative play. Not committing any unforced errors and then penalties. Wrap them all together and that's what happened today and lack of execution kind of all the way around, just encompasses all that. So that pretty much summed up the game right there. We shouldn't need any more questions."

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