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Transcript: New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees Postgame Quotes | Saints-49ers 2019 Week 14

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

(On how difficult the game was today)
"I would say today was just a hard-fought football game all the way around. Both sides. Back and forth. They are a great team. We're a great team. We have the ability to be a great team. So this was like a heavyweight boxing match. All game long. That's how I would categorize today. And certainly I know there's some things offensively we can clean up, certain opportunities to extend drives to get more points that would have made a difference in the game honestly when it comes down to it. But you always have that right? You always have those moments and it really comes down to the last four minutes of the game, what happens and you just want a chance to win this. We had a chance. Unfortunately, they were the ones who came out on top today."

(on New Orleans' offense going against San Francisco's defense)
"I know what our offense is capable of. To me, honestly, (any team is) a faceless opponent. I do not care about reputation. I do not care about statistics. I don't care about anything (like that). I'm just going to play what I see and then develop a game plan that you feel like puts you in better position to win the game and they've got a ton of great players, great players, right? And if you're not executing to perfection, they're going to make you pay. I felt like we did a lot of things really well today, but there were definitely a few things here and there that could have put us in position for another field goal, which makes a difference at the end or extend a drive. Don't give them the ball back in second quarter, which allowed them to go down a get a touchdown. So many little things that I know were just from an execution perspective on our end."

(on the failed two-point conversion)
"Nobody was open."

(on using Jared Cook early in the game plan)
"That's definitely a factor. You know, he had two catches for from 68 yards and two touchdowns today. He was impactful. Would have been nice to have him obviously felt like he would have had opportunities. He would've been able to compliment everything that we were doing. It just put more on the plate for Josh Hill and Taysom Hill. Those guys played phenomenal."

(on if San Francisco is a team that New Orleans could possibly face again in the playoffs)
"I hope so because that means we are accomplishing our goals."

(on the team's approach in practice after a loss)
"We're better than what we put out there today and I'm not just talking about offensively. We had chances to score more and you feel the flow of a game like this and you know you have to score and you know and you've got to execute to perfection and we weren't quite there. Did a lot of good things. It's just not quite enough."

(on if he felt good about the two-point conversion)
"Absolutely. Again, you know you're in that type of game, right? We're going to play aggressive. We faked the punt. We brought just about (every) kickoff out of the endzone and hit on a couple of those. We had a great return there. Let's see if we can break one of these. Those are difference makers. If you just look at the statistics if you're going from the two-yard line versus going from the one-yard line it's a big difference. We had a play we liked. Oddly enough, they miss a line. They had an extra guy who shouldn't have been there. So, unfortunately, the play didn't work, but that's a big play in the game if we get (it). We're going to play aggressive. We're going to take chances. We're not going to making excuses."

(on four touchdowns in the first four drives)
"I'd like to see more of that."

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