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Transcript: New Orleans linebacker Alex Anzalone training camp interview - Sunday, Aug. 30

Anzalone spoke with media at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Alex Anzalone
Video Call with Local Media
Sunday, August 30, 2020

How much of a challenge is this division present just in terms of guys, you have to cover guys like Christian McCaffrey and Rob Gronkowski and Todd Gurley and others.
"The players you said, some of the names that they kind of speak for themselves. Obviously, they present a big mismatch on some sort of position groups. Obviously DA (Dennis Allen) and coach (Michael Hodges), they're going to put in a good game plan for those guys and we should be good, but no, it definitely presents a challenge."

How integral is it that all the linebackers can play different roles and be asked to do different things?
"Yeah, we do a lot of different things on defense, whether it's different packages, different plays different coverage responsibility. So I think versatility really is a big thing in the NFL, but it's really important on our team and, you know, with the players that we face, you know, it's going to be really, really important."

What are some of the things you've been kind of honing in on throughout this training camp?
"Kind of just like he said,just being a better overall football player, especially playing linebacker. I think that playing linebacker and you got to play first and second down and third down. So you do have to be an overall good linebacker in those areas if you do want to be, you know, one of the better ones in our league. I think that's just, whether it's the run game, I think there's a ton of things that I can personally improve on and that will continue as my career goes on."

Who is the toughest guy you've had to cover and do you ever seek out the advice of defensive backs on techniques for stuff?
"I think throughout my first three years, I've had the opportunity to cover (Rob Gronkowski) Gronk my rookie year. Obviously, (Christian) McCaffrey twice a year.(I'm) trying to think I don't want to leave anyone else. But I think you go ask a (Aaron Glenn) AG and some of the DBs their certain techniques, what are they looking at? And a big part of playing defensive football is cutting down the route tree and understanding what the offense is trying to do in that regard. So that definitely helps. And that comes with film work and studying and all that."

How are you feeling now that you've kind of got your feet under you, rust off and you're two weeks in?
"I feel really good. Obviously as camp goes on, I think everyone will tell you they feel a little sore. And that's just part of building volume to get ready for the season. And as we're starting to get closer to the end of camp, I think that we're turning the corner, going to finish camp strong and head into week one."

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