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Transcript - Marcus Williams Conference Call 12/10/20 | Week 14 at Eagles

New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams talks about his recent performance prior to the Saints Week 14 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 13, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Safety Marcus Williams
Video Call With New Orleans Media
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Is there something specific that you can point to, just elevating your play over the past month or so?
"I just keep working each and every day, never take a day off. (It) Started in the offseason with preparation, film study, and just working out as much as I could, with COVID and all that. But it has just been a constant progression of me getting better. That is just what I do. I never, never tried to, you know, digress. I just continue to progress each and every week. And I don't do a lot of talking. I just do it on the field."

Can you just comment on the depth that you all have in the secondary? And I guess, in particular, when you guys have to go to PJ (Williams) and Patrick (Robinson), and you don't seem to lose a step with those guys, how comforting is it to be able to have that kind of depth of those kinds of players?
"It's very comforting. We have guys that can be starting anywhere. And they come in each and every game, each and every practice and prepare as if they're starters and that's how we look at it. Everybody in our secondary room's a starter. So, everybody is prepared like a starter and everybody's ready to go, no matter if somebody goes down, it's next man up mentality. And that's just the type of environment. That's the type of culture we build back here. So, that's a kudos to everybody who's just locked in each and every week getting ready for the game plan."

You mentioned the depth and the next man up mentality. But, is there any correlation to building that depth and the culture you guys have built in the locker room and in the organization general?
"I am not the one who brings guys in. So, it is the guys upstairs doing their due diligence and bringing guys in who will buy into the culture and respect the process. And that's what we have back here. Everybody, back here is respecting the process and buying in to what we have going. And that makes it easier for us to put people in and even if that's not the original position they're in, they just come in and they can do their job."

Speaking of that next man up mentality. You were a little short handed last week at corner,and PJ (Williams) had to move back to his old position. How did you think that he played there last week?
"He did a good job. He comes in, each and every week and does a good job. You don't see, PJ (Williams) slacking off in the film room, or slacking off in practice. He does his job each and every week. He locks in. He has a lot of stuff on his plate. And he still goes and he performs. So PJ (Williams), just like I said, last week, he's a Swiss army knife. He can play corner, he can play nickel and he can play safety. So, that's just the type of guy in PJ (Williams) that you love to have in your group."

Another one of your teammates, Justin Hardee, really, before he got hurt, holding things down there on special teams. What does it mean to you all that he was designated for return yesterday from injured reserve?
"It's a great feeling to get a guy back who's very important to your team. And having Justin (Hardee) is just going to add another great presence to our core. Special teams, defense, whatever he needs to do. That's just the type of culture they built here. Just having guys that are able to do whatever you need them to do. It's great to have him back and it's great that he's back from being gone for a little."

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