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Transcript - Marcus Davenport Conference Call 11/06/20 | Week 9 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints defensive end Marcus Davenport talks about the Saints defensive line and the Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady prior to the Saints Week 9 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 8, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Marcus Davenport
Video call with New Orleans Media
Friday, November 6, 2020

The defense is on a streak, pretty long streak of not allowing an individual 100 yards rushing. Just what do you think has been sort of the key to the defense being able to consistently accomplish that?
"You know, I'd have to say the main thing is just our pride. We try to never really take a play off. So, you know, of course, when it's run or pass, you try to just do your best to win every block. So, I think it's just that simple. You know, we try to win."

I know, you didn't play in week one, but how different does Tampa look compared now to back then?
"They're a good team. And as any good team, you know, they develop it. Things kind of change. So, one of the things is, we've got to adapt and change to that. I think Tom Brady's playing real well. And then the offensive line, shoot, they're a pretty good team. So, just from there, we just got to bring our A game. So that's just it."

You guys have had a lot of your sacks in the fourth quarter the last couple weeks. Is there anything to that? Like is there anything, maybe to the depth of the defensive line kind of just being fresh late in game?
"I guess you could say that. I just know we just keep on working and you always try to win, just get one home and sometimes they come late. But, it is just one of those things. I know we have the depth and Coach (Payton) likes to keep us in a good rotation. So, it's one of those kinds of teams, where you just try to go."

With Tom Brady this week, I think one of the things everybody hears about him often is that he gets rid of the ball fast. Like, in your opinion, how difficult is he just to get to?
"I haven't quite experienced Tom Brady yet. So, I really can't say much. But from what I've seen, like you said, you know, he gets the ball out quick, great pocket presence. And he's just one of those guys."

What's it like just, you know, finally getting a chance to play against somebody like Tom Brady? Who I guess you probably grew up watching him and what's it like just to line up against him?
"You know, I haven't experienced that yet. You know, luckily playing, I've got to play, you know, many different QBs. So it's just another one of those games. And I just have to be ready."

How much of a confidence boost has it been the last three games for you guys to finish out the way you have defensively? Whether it was the last tackle against the Chargers or the sack against Carolina? And then I think you guys finished out defensively with a sack against Chicago too. How much of a confidence boost is it to finish out games that way?
"I don't even know if I really thought about it like that. I know the biggest thing for us, we get confidence from playing good. And what we really have to do is focus on the details. So we go for the win. But we want to dominate and so we have to just get better at that."

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