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Transcript - Marcus Davenport Conference Call 10/19/20 | Bye Week

New Orleans Saints defensive linemen Marcus Davenport talks about returning to the field in Week 5 and the Saints defensive performance through Week 6 on Monday, October 19, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Marcus Davenport
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, October 19, 2020

How did it feel being back on the field last week? And just knowing that it seemed like you were about ready to come back and had a little setback, how frustrating is that to you?
"It was great to be back last week, just being able to go out there and support and physically help with the game and all that. But, it's just one of those things, you just got to keep on going with time and take my time, you can't rush it. And as far as the little setback, it was just that, a setback. I'm just lucky, I'm still able to keep on going and you have to take it like that, one day at a time."

Why do you think Trey Hendrickson's been so successful to start the season and also what's it sort of just been like watching him play like he has so far?
"Well, listen, I attribute everything to opportunities. I know Trey. I believe, with many more opportunities, especially over the past couple years he could have been throwing up the same kind of numbers. And shoot, even now, I love seeing his growth, and he's only gotten better. So it's just one of those things that drives you and it's always great to see your teammate and your brother, just getting what he deserves. I know, he wants more, and I want more for him. But it's just great being able to see this."

On the flip side, what have you seen teams when you've been watching film, doing to Cameron Jordan that have kept him from getting to the quarterback as much as the past few years, if anything?
"Shoot, double team, triple teams, sometimes shift the whole O line over to him, wide receiver chips. It's just one of those things where he's a beast. So you've got to try to stop him anyway that you can. And I think that's just been something that we as D line have to work through. And it's not necessarily that he's not getting there, it's they're making it just a little bit harder. And you can see, he's killing it, he's starting to get his thing and stack them up. So, yeah that's just it."

Do you think you've seen more of it this year than even your last couple years. And do you invite the idea of sort of making teams pay for doing that? If they're going to let you and Trey (Hendrickson) have more?
"Well, yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know, you can definitely see it, especially in the beginning part of the season, but, you know, that's just a sign of respect. You got to take away best players. And that just gives us more opportunities, like you said, me and Trey (Hendrickson) Carl (Granderson), just everybody else kind of feeds off of that, because, they're going to put that attention (on Jordan). Like you said, we got to make a play."

How do you feel like you graded out in the limit snaps in the last game? And how close to yourself do you feel like you are?
"For the most part I feel like I did well. But good's the enemy with great and that's not enough. I didn't think that there was really any mess ups or things like that. It was just little technique things, things that I need to play through, to kind of develop again. But shoot, when you say close to normal, my new normal has changed. So, it's just kind of been a process of growing, I'm not the same player, so I just got to build upon that."

How long did it take you to knock the rust off and kind of get into a groove?
"I feel like, against the run, I love that. Really, I feel like, for the pass, it just takes a couple plays, but I just got to get that consistency back and then working the rush plan."

What do you mean by your new normal? What's the new, new normal for you?
"(My) New normal is, shoot, just me currently, I can't necessarily relate to or not necessarily not relate, but I can't think of the same players last year. I've gotten bigger, stronger. I got some (new) game film under my belt. So, I've gotten progression there. That normal kind of relative and so, what I say is, as far as y'all, what y'all see, I'm not that same player. So I have to keep on going."

I know you've had to miss games your first two years. So, having that start, are you worried about that, like being a thing for your career for yourself? Is it something where you just like, hey look, I have to be healthy to be on the field? Like, how do you kind of view the injuries in your career so far?
"So far, I feel like somewhere, (it) could've been prevented a little bit better by me as far as just like, little tape jobs and stuff. But for the most part, I think a lot of it's just things that come and go. Nobody really wants to be hurt. And I think the biggest part is I wanted to be there from the beginning, and things happen, and they kept happening. But that's not something that I can necessarily let get me down, there's too much on the line for us, as a team. And I just need to be out there to progressively get better and apply what I can. So as far as the long term, shoot, I think that's just easy to answer, do what I can, you have to do what you can to be there and be available."

Not sure if you've seen how your teammate, your former teammate Teddy Bridgewater, has been doing in Carolina, but I was curious if, what exactly is going through your head knowing you have the chance to sack Teddy, when you were just on the same team last year?
"Shoot, I thought that was a cool aspect, especially getting to watch him play. It's a great thing to see your former teammate, thrive and do pretty well. But, you know, at the next point, we got to go for the win. So that's exactly what we're thinking, we're looking for everything we can and that's what we plan to do."

When you're out there you do you feel like you see a difference in the way those shifts are on the attention goes to the other side of line, do you feel like it evens out, it seems like you were going to get in on doubles in this game, and then even a triple, do you feel like you take some of that pressure off the other side?
"I feel like as a D line, they're going to try to stop this anywhere you can. I feel like we got the players that that'll be a problem. So they adjusted accordingly. And even when, sometimes we got protection, sometimes you've got a one against two. And I feel like, as far as they're paying their respects to us by trying to block us with more. So, it's just one of those things you got to win when you can, and we got the weapons for that."

You just mentioned Teddy (Bridgewater) a minute ago, but what were some of the things, you know, characteristics of his that stood out as a teammate, that made him so likable and so, you know, well received by teammates?
"Teddy, the thing that stood out most was his energy. Teddy always talked about being blessed to play the sport. And you see him, you see what he's doing (and) you see what he's done. And you just kind of feel that in a sense too. It's a blessing to be here (is what he emphasizes). He brings a different kind of energy that makes you excited, he's always trying to talk to everybody and get to know everybody. So he's just one of them real teammates, like I said it's blessing to see what he's been doing, too. I know we can't wait to get after him, so. Yeah, it's great."

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