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Transcript: Malcom Brown Conference Call 9/10/20 | Week 1 vs. Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints defensive linemen talks about defending Tom Brady, Leonard Fournette and Tampa Bay's offense in Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle Malcom Brown
Video Call With New Orleans Media
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Is this week a little bit different than week ones you've had in the past, just considering that the Bucs have so many new guys on offense and that you have no preseason, nothing to really go on?
"It is different in that aspect, but kind of the same because we are still preparing for a team. Every year, week one going into a season, you don't have that much film on that team already. It is different people that go to that team every year, so I would not say it is too different. Obviously, we have not had preseason games, and work on anything like that. But as far as it being a difference, there's not any, you know, you still prepare the same way still going about things the same way we would if it was any other year."

What do you expect when you face a Tom Brady lead often, even though it's a team, you know, it'll be his first time with the team and they're obviously going to be doing some different things but what are some of the consistent things you think you can expect?
"I can expect to see running and passing the ball. I mean, we obviously will get out there and try to, you know, control the offense. You know, we obviously don't know too much about them and that relationship that they have. And if he's going to be running stuff on the field, or everything's being called on the sideline. But as far as it goes, you know, that's something I can expect, just for some run plays and some pass plays and go out there and play 60 minutes and you know, finish the game strong, start the game strong."

Yeah, when you are facing a team that there's so many new pieces, but with Tom Brady, he's been playing the same offense for the past it feels like 50 years, but it's really only 20 but, how do you balance scouting what you've seen from Tampa before versus looking at what Tom (Brady) has done before?
"You kind of just, kind of prepare for that team. You kind of take everything with a grain of salt because it is a new quarterback and he's in a different offense and everything. But as far as it goes, we just prepare whatever the coaches put in front of us for us to learn and you know, go out and execute on Sunday. And I think everybody's doing their best jobs just to get those things down, get those jobs done and hone in on everything they're supposed to be doing. So I think that's what everything is going on right now."

What's the balance when you're playing a team like them that can spread you out and they got, you know, all the good receivers and then they got (Leonard) Fournette in the backfield too and you can't really just kind of pack in the box like how do you ride that balance?
"Everybody's got to execute their jobs and be where they're supposed to be whenever either (Leonard) Fournette has the ball in his hand or there's a dropback pass. Everybody needs to be, where they need to be. As long as everybody's doing their job, the whole defense, everybody doing their 1/11th of everything, everything goes to fall in place and how we want it to go. Everybody needs to go out there and play hard and fast and just take care of their business and we'll be alright."

I think a lot of people are kind of just bracing for the weirdness of seeing (Tom) Brady in a Bucs uniform, but for you specifically, just having been this teammate for a couple years, have you got your mind around, what that's going to be like for you?
"Not really. I do not have too much focus on stuff (like) that (that) I have nothing to deal with. It's going to be weird seeing him in a different uniform. But at the end of the day, everybody goes to a different team here and there. I was there (New England), I am here now. So it's just another game. You go out and prepare the same and you go out and do the same things you'd do wherever you were at. At the end of the day, your job's on the line every time you touch the field, so. We just got to go out there and execute our job. Seeing somebody in a different uniform really does not make any difference. Seeing Tom (Brady) in a different uniform won't make a difference. And we still have to go out there and play."

I know you're on different sides of the ball, but what are some things that you have seen that Drew (Brees) and Tom both have, what are some similarities between those two?
"They win a lot of games, (they've) been in the game for a long time, got a lot of success under their belts. That's about as much as I give you, like you said I'm on a different side of the ball. So I'm not, never nearly that close to them to tell you any differences or what are their similarities and everything like that. So, I'll say, that's about as far as I'll go with it, with the comparison with the two. They win a lot of games, very successful quarterbacks and lead their teams well."

I was looking at the Defensive Player of the Year odds the other day, I think Cam Jordan was like, tied for 23rd in that. Do you think that guy gets enough respect league wide for just the play he's had the last couple years?
"I don't know and I don't really know if he cares too much. Cam's (Jordan) going to be Cam whether in the building and out of the building. Very self-motivated by himself and you do not need too much to get him going. And he is going to be who he is at the end of the day. So I definitely think he is overlooked in that aspect as a defensive player of the year. But he goes out and balls, he goes and plays and balls out every day. So I've got a lot of respect for that guy and (he's) a great teammate, a great person in general, but, he definitely should be in the talk."

What has been your impression of Malcolm Roach, a fellow University of Texas alum just on the field and in the classroom?
"He's trying to learn, get everything down, playing really well. As far as we have been so far right now in camp and where we are in the season, that is all we can do, go out and try to learn. He's always open-eared when we're talking to him and everything. So he already has some good positive attributes about himself already."

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