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Transcript - Malcom Brown Conference Call 11/30/20 | Week 12 Recap

New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Malcom Brown discusses the Saints' defensive performance against the Denver Broncos 

New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Malcom Brown
Conference call with New Orleans media
Monday, Nov. 30, 2020

What, I guess, you know, you only have like 24 hours to know that you're going from, you know, an actual quarterback to defending a wildcat and defending a wide receiver playing that position. What goes into the preparation for that?
"We all kind of prepared for the offense as Drew Lock at quarterback and everything. But I mean, it's the NFL. Whatever they roll out, you have got to defend and that's kind of the mentality we took to it."

How do you think you did at defending it?
"I think we did pretty well. (There are) still things to get better at, our run blocks and stuff like that, for instance. But, for the most part we did well, for us practicing for (Drew) Lock) all week. It's alright, but we could of done better. I could of done better."

What do you remember about finding out that none of their quarterbacks are available whichever way you did?
"We kind of found out, (but) we didn't really know the process (initially). We didn't know if they would be back on the roster, if they would be eligible for game day. When we found out, we were just like, whatever they roll out, we're about to play. Like I said, you've have to be ready for anything."

You've played on pretty elite defenses, two Super Bowl teams. Can you talk about the confidence you guys are playing as a unit right now on the defensive line?
"We're just playing with trust in our teammates and our guys next to us. I mean, we trust everybody to be where they're supposed to be. And we're just trying to roll like that and we're just keep on working. Not looking too far ahead and not trying to hold anything from ourselves. But, we just want to keep on working, go through the process and stack them up every week."

You play Atlanta this week. You just played them like two weeks ago? How weird is that, to really have one opponent in between playing one team twice?
"I don't know. We played them like that last year. It's kind of, what we are going to bring, we just played them (in mid-November and Thanksgiving). So, it'll be fun and everything and we get back to work this week. Like I said, we did it last year, we will be good."

Did your mentality have to shift at all when you know the team is going to be running almost exclusively, you know, to even be more focused?
"Yeah I guess so, because I like to play the run a lot. My fundamentals and technique are real important to me. So, we knew we'd play the run a lot all game. It's weird too though,. because usually you get rewarded with a pass on third down, where you can rush the passer. It was just one of those games where it was just, I don't know, it was kind of weird."

Do you feel for hitting their quarterback at all? Undrafted rookie, practice squad receiver, and then like, oh, you're going to play as quarterback, I know, Demario (Davis) and Cam (Jordan) expressed that they felt bad for the guy afterwards, just the situation that he got thrown into?
"Yeah, I feel bad for his situation. I mean, I just feel bad during the game when he is on the opposing team and we are playing against him. But I mean, that is just the year that we are in and things happened this year. And I am sorry he had to be thrown in there like that. But we got to go play so (that's what's important)."

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