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Transcript - Kwon Alexander Conference Call 12/11/20 | Week 14 at Eagles

New Orleans Saints linebacker Kwon Alexander post-practice interview ahead of the Saints' Week 14 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 13, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Kwon Alexander
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, December 11, 2020

Since you've been here, it looks like you and Demario Davis have kind of really built some good chemistry. What kind of went into that? And how do you, I guess just think that happened?
"We're just ballplayers, man. We feed off each other. He's been teaching me a lot. He's been helping out my game a lot. He's been taken off, man. I've just been just in tune with it, we're always trying to be the best we can be to push each other and that's what we're doing."

Since you've gotten here, it seems like you've brought a lot of energy, you've really been able to be yourself in terms of the way you play. Was that kind of a challenge coming into a new team, getting adjusted to a new scheme or was that an easier thing for you?
"I mean, I'm going to be myself regardless. I'm never going to change for nobody so I guess that's what they bought me here. Just be myself, have the energy that I have, go out there and play, make big plays, and that's what we've been doing man. We're just trying to do that and turn it up a little bit more"

Yeah, speaking of being yourself, one of your favorite words to use is legendary. I'm just curious where that came from and how you approach life with that legendary mindset.
"Legendary is a big word for me that I've been going on with just my mindset, how I go about things, what I want to be in life. I just use that word just to keep me focused. Don't think about being average. Just think about being legendary. That's what I like to do and just to push people, just keep their mind right. Once people understand that, just like I had to, I don't settle for less. I just want more so that's my motto. That's my goal. That's what I try to do."

When did that start for you with using legendary specifically?
"I started like two years ago, well yeah, last year. Last year I was using great at first and then I started using legendary when I went to San Fran and it changed up. Just trying to be better person, use a better word and legendary was one of the words and I've just been stepping on that since."

What do you think of Dennis Allen's coaching style and I'm curious if you can see anything that he's doing that's kind of allowing y'all to play the defense that y'all are playing right now?
"He's a player's coach, man. He knows exactly what he's out there doing. What he's calling, we just execute will with him. Whatever he calls, we're going to go out there and play our best and execute, get the ball to try to help him be the best he can be and so we can be the best we can be."

With so many things being virtual now in meetings and all of that, do you feel like you had to work harder in the last month to get to know your teammates than you normally would?
"Yeah, just being in the building every day, I get closer everyday to my teammates. It's a big thing to know your teammates, know how they play, know their background and everything else. So just try to get adjusted with everybody. I'm still coming along, still learning everybody's names and everything like that. But that's a process I'm just to going to have to get through."

In a way, has that made this schedule where y'all have three straight road games kind of help because you have been able to like spend more time with them on the plane and on the road then maybe would at home?
"I guess, the players here already, they're legendary guys, they've been helping me with everything I need to get help with. Everybody here is close together, like a family. And that's what I like about it."

You're partners in crime with Demario. You've only been here for a little bit, but he was named the team's Man of the Year yesterday. What have you seen in the few weeks that you've been here where he embodies that?
"He's just a legendary guy all around. Like I said, he's been helping me with a lot. I like how he carries himself. He carries himself like a man. We've got to keep pushing to get him that award. He deserves it. So I wish nothing but the best for him, man. He going to keep striving and being the best he can be."

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