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Transcript - Kwon Alexander Conference Call 11/27/20 | Week 12 at Broncos

New Orleans Saints linebacker Kwon Alexander talks about adjusting to the Saints playbook and his teammate Demario Davis prior to the Saints Week 12 matchup against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High on November 29, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Kwon Alexander
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, November 27, 2020

Coach Payton said the other day that it felt like you've been here for eight weeks and said that was a good thing. Do you feel the same way?
"I came in, everybody welcomed me. My coaches have been helping me to get adjusted with the playbook and everything like that. So, everything's been going legendary."

Everybody has kind of, the first thing that comes to mind with you is your energy. How important is that for you?
"It is very important. It is just me every day, just how I come to work. I wake up blessed every day to come to work. So, I just get up, get to it and try to bring everybody with me. When I came here, everybody already had their own energy. So, I am just here to boost it up."

Were there any players in particular that you sort of gravitated to and just kind of made you fit in with this team right away?
"I just fit in, just period, just how everybody's been playing. they got all dogs here, ready to eat, ready to go play and have fun. I just fit in real well with them."

What's the process been like with Coach Mike Hodges and how much has he helped you just pick things up, you know, really quickly?
"The process has been legendary. He's been helping me a lot. Coming early trying to learn it all, even breaking it down, having it just right so I can understand it. I appreciate him."

What are some of the things that you've noticed that he (Mike Hodges) does that kind of makes him effective teaching, you know, some of that stuff?
"He just knows how to coach it well. He knows how to put it in ways for you to learn it. Even if it's out there, and you have to walk through it or him coaching you. He just knows how to coach us and play us well."

How much of a difference was it for you from your first game to the second, just as far as, you know, how much, it was surprising you were able to play as much the first week and played well? But like were you more comfortable the second week?
"Oh yeah, I was comfortable both weeks. It's basically kind of, the same thing. I've been in the league for six years now. So I'm able to adjust real quickly. It's been kind of easy for me, so I'm just ready to get out there and play even more."

How much more comfortable do you feel that you will get as we continue down the season?
"I get more comfortable every day. Once I'm out there just going through it and practicing with the team, I'm going to get very comfortable with it."

What areas of the defense do you still feel like you need to pick up?
"Like I said earlier, everything has been kind of the same, just with defense, I had played already with coordinators. Everybody kind of running the same thing, just different terminology. All I have to do is just learn that and that was it."

How well do you feel with Demario (Davis), you feel like you guys are a pretty dynamic duo? Just with how much range you have and all that stuff?
"Yeah, man. It's fun out there playing with Demario, man. He is so smart. You know what I'm saying, very athletic. Just being next to him, just a lot of knowledge (is) right next to me. And with us working together, man, we can be the best."

How I guess specifically, do the both of you bring out the best in each other?
"We bring out the best in each other every day. Even in the film room, working at practice, even when we're not on the field, we're doing extra stuff. So, we try to get better every day, every second, while we're out there. We ain't wasting no time."

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