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Transcript - Jared Cook Conference Call 11/19/20 | Week 11 vs. Falcons

New Orleans Saints tight end Jared Cook talks Jameis Winston, dynamic Saints offense

New Orleans Saints Tight End Jared Cook
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, November 19, 2020

I'm not assuming that Jameis (Winston) is starting this week. I mean, I'm sure it could be Jameis (Winston) and Taysom (Hill). But Jameis (Winston) he's, he's obviously a gunslinger. And part of that's what's made him so good. And then part of that's also at times what's kind of cost him and led to some bad mistakes. But, how much do you feel like offensively you almost got to kind of ride with that and just let him play a certain style? Because there's that upside that's there. Does that make sense?
"No, not really. Can you clarify for me?"

I guess how much you feel like you almost have to live with Winston's style and cut him loose and let him be aggressive and attack down the field, even if it costs you at times? Just because that's part of what makes him a great player too?
"You know, I think, I think at times, you let, you really don't want to do too much to change who a player is, or differ too far away from what he's used to doing. But at other times as well, you want to be smart about the positions you put a player in, because you don't want that to come down and hurt the team. Or be a position where you shoot yourself in the foot. So I think, it's just always smart to, play within what a player can do, never really put a player in a box, just kind of understand who we're facing that week, who we're going up against and what a player can do. I really don't want to speak on Jameis' play, personally. That is really none of my business, to be honest with you. Yeah."

You just said you don't want to speak on Jameis (Winston), but I've got a question just about him in general. What's something that you may have learned about him since he's been here that you didn't know before he got here?
"I didn't know how big of a clown he was. Really didn't know his personality. And now we all kind of see who he really is. And kind of, Jameis is Jameis man. He's just one of those guys. I think his baseball background has kind of brought out a lot of personality from a lot of different guys. And he's just, he's a fun guy to be around the locker room for sure. And a silly guy when he steps into the huddle. And I didn't also, did not understand how hard he threw the ball. Like a baseball player, he fires them out."

Does his personality sort of remind you of how Teddy (Bridgewater) was at all or is it totally different?
"Totally different. Teddy (Bridgewater) was kind of a cool cat, smooth cat. Like, laid back kind of Florida boy. But Jameis (Winston), is just, he's a wild boy. He's on another level with it."

Going back to, I remember you in training camp talking about Jameis (Winston) and his personality. And following up with what Rod (Walker) said, it seemed like part of what happened last year with Teddy (Bridgewater) was that guys liked him so much. That almost sort of aided in him being successful, because guys rallied around him so much. It seems like even if the personalities are different, that Jameis (Winston) almost has that same kind of feel in the locker room. That guy's just like him. And I'm guessing that helps, right?
"I mean, yeah, absolutely. I think when a guy's able to be vocal, and you're able to understand what he's thinking a lot when he lines up on that field and understand the checks and the plays that he's going to get to. I think that helps out quite a bit. And then, when you know a guy's personality or how they play the game better. It helps out the whole offense, because a lot of times you know, we're moving off of body movements and kind of ESP. And the defense is never going to give you exactly how you practice it all the time. So, a lot of times it's improv, on the move. So, the better page you're on with a quarterback, the better, more vocal he is, and the better he is for us. That helps everybody out."

This is a two parter and totally unrelated to a lot of the questions you're having right now, so please bear with me. If you had a one-word description of Demario (Davis) what would it be?
"Man, just a dog. From top to bottom, probably one of the best, probably the best linebackers I have ever gone up against or ever seen play in this NFL, in this league. Just speed, just football smarts, just common sense. And he's just always there to make the right play. Sideline to sideline. Just a great all-around player. Definitely deserves recognition in this league than what he's getting, should've been happening. And I definitely think he's the best linebacker in the NFL right now, for sure."

And the second part is, what does he (Demario Davis) add to a locker room? His presence in the locker room?
"He's what you want in a captain and in a leader. Everything. From on and off the field. How he carries himself as a man, how he talks to us, how he's there for guys in the locker room. He handles his business and goes about his business like a true genius. He's nifty at everything that he does. And he's just, A1. Just all around, just an A1 ballplayer and person."

Alvin (Kamara), I think is like second in the league right now in receptions, I guess, does it ever surprise you just the amount of success he's able to have in the passing game? You know, despite the fact that, you know, your offense has so many weapons?
"Not at all. I think you can kind of attest to this, just watching AK and the things that he does, he's a different animal. There's no back in the league like him. And whenever Drew (Brees) needs him for like, a checkdown, he's there. Whenever Drew (Brees) needs him to be the linebacker and get downfield, he's there. Whenever you need him on a tall sweep or screen or hand-off, he's there. He's just so versatile in the things that he can do on the field. There's really no limit to where he can line up and the things he can do. And his quickness, his speed, his route running. And his running ability when he has the ball in his hands is dynamic and is second to none."

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