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Transcript - Janoris Jenkins Conference Call 11/25/20 | Week 12 at Broncos

New Orleans Saints cornerback Janoris Jenkins talks about the Saints’ defensive communication and the game plan for the Saints Week 12 matchup against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High on November 29, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Janoris Jenkins
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

How have you felt that the secondary has continued to better it's communication from the beginning of the season to last week?
"I feel like early in the year we struggled. It's all about talking and alerting each other. I've seen the progression. I feel like we've been getting better, being on the same page. Everybody giving eye contact, and everybody just knows what's going on."

How does that change when you have to put P Rob (Patrick Robinson) in there too, and he felt pretty seamless in some spots there last week?
"Man, P Rob (Patrick Robinson) did a great job filling in. He knows the defense. He has been before. It's just all about staying consistent and focused. Keeping your eyes in the right spot. And also, like you said, communicate."

Has that process played out? It seems like the last few weeks, like you've really hit a groove. Do you feel like you're kind of playing at, you know, your full potential now that the whole defense has settled in and it's helped everybody shine a little bit?
"Oh, man, there's always room for improvement. Everybody's doing a great job. We just have to keep stacking them. Not just one week and then fall short the next week, just stack them back to back. Just see what the end of the year brings us."

Why do you think you're so good at playing the ball? What is that? What makes you good at that?
"Just understanding what's coming, as far as splits, 21 personnel, the type of personnel they're in. And what to play for and what to expect when they're in a certain formation."

The defense as a whole has just been forcing a ton of turnovers lately. What do you think is behind that?
"Everybody. All 11 guys. Up front getting a great rush. The DBs holding up on their end. Once again, everybody knows what's going on, knowing what can hurt us and what can't hurt us. And we're just playing fast."

Last week, eight sacks for the front and they gave your group credit in the back end, because he (Matt Ryan) was having to hold the ball forever. How much pride do you and the rest of the DBs take in, you know, when you do your part, things work out in other areas too?
"There's a lot of pride. Our coaches coach us everyday (to) get hands on guys, disrupt the timing. And we feel like it's very important to give the front a rush. And just do what we had."

What have you seen from those Denver receivers? Obviously a bunch of young guys in that group, but it looks like they're making plays?
"They've got a lot of talent. Shifty, speed. We see that the quarterback and the receivers are not really on the same page. But that could turn at any point, it's the NFL. So, we just have to stay on our toes. Just be ready to play football."

Just playing alongside C.J. Gardner-Johnson, what does his energy level bring to the defense? And do you guys kind of feed off of him?
"A lot of energy, man. He is young, excited to be out there with us and we are excited to be out there with him. He just does, what he does and we just let him be himself and everybody just plays ball and feeds off each other."

In your experience, can it go bad for defense as fast as it has gotten good for you guys? Or do you feel like you've kind of figured it out and you expect more consistency and nothing like what happened earlier in the year for the rest of the season? Even if it always won't be exactly the same every week?
"Anything can go bad. Like I said, we just have to stay consistent. Staying aware of what's going on, play recognition. And just everybody talking to each other."

Speaking of energy, with bringing Kwon Alexander into the fold, how much of an energy boost has he been the last couple weeks?
"Something like (Ceedy) Duce's man. They just like, talk, dance, play fast and make plays. You know, I think he was a great addition to the team. As you can see, he's been playing his role very well. And we look forward to him continuing to do that. And we're just going go out there and have fun."

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