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Transcript - Janoris Jenkins Conference Call 10/23/20 | Week 7 vs. Panthers

New Orleans Saints cornerback Janoris Jenkins talks about returning from injury and playing at a fast pace prior to Week 7 against the Carolina Panthers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Janoris Jenkins
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, October 23, 2020

Just wanted to ask you about, you know, we got the news about Emmanuel Sanders, but what's it like just having to, you know, go through this and just keep overcoming adversity?
"It's part of football. We knew at some point in the season, it would happen. We just got to focus on (the) next man up."

Having played with another team before, do you feel like the Saints are just more equipped to handle adversity than some of the other teams that you may have played on in the past? Well, then the Giants?
"It's all about being a pro. Everybody in the organization knows how to be a pro and understands what it takes. And I'm just happy to be a part of it."

What was it like for, or how frustrating I guess maybe, was it for you to be out? And how do you feel now that you're back?
"It was frustrating. But I had to make sure I get myself right for the guys in the locker room. Now that I'm back, just happy to be out there with my guys. And I'm just ready to play football."

Just curious your thoughts on Teddy (Bridgewater), how he's playing and a couple keys against him on Sunday?
"Teddy"s playing great football. He's not going to take any chances. He is going to take what we give him. So we just got to play our game, play fast and play hard."

Sitting out these games, what did learn about the team while you were out? And I guess some of the communications things that you guys are trying to clean up?
"We just got to communicate more, make sure everybody's on the same page. Everybody has to know what's going on, understand what's going on and just play fast. And all eleven guys got to swarm to the ball."

Do you see a lot of similarities when you're watching Carolina on film, things that are similar to what you see the Saints doing every day in practice?
"It's very similar. But Teddy (Bridgewater), is going to take what we give him. Like I said, he's not going to force anything. We are just going to play within the offense. And we got to be prepared and ready just to play football. Everybody swarm to the ball, understand what's coming and when it's coming."

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