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Transcript: Indianapolis Colts Postgame Quotes | Saints-Colts 2019 Week 15

Get postgame reactions from Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich and quarterback Jacoby Brissett


Opening Statement:
"Injuries from the game. Milligan (Rolan Milligan) had a foot, Wilson (Quincy Wilson) had a shoulder, and Walker (Anthony Walker) had a hamstring. Alright, obviously a very disappointing performance to say the least. We have had some disappointing losses this year. Obviously, we haven't had one like this. Every loss has been a one-score game, and in this one we got our butts beat bad in all three phases. So, that is hard to swallow. We knew we were entering a hostile environment against a good team, and we didn't get that done today, and that starts with me as the head coach. I have to get the guys prepared better. We have to coach better. So, make no mistake about it, first and foremost that is on me. I do know this, I don't mean perspective helps, and it really doesn't, because nothing is acceptable after a loss like this, but I have around long enough to know this happens. When you come in and play good teams, and we have had a lot of close games. We have won some and lost some. Every now and then something like this happens. It doesn't make it any easier to swallow. It is not acceptable. We learn from it and move on. So, we will get ready to play next week. Our last home game of the year. We want to give our fans something to get excited about, and play good football next week."

(On Jacoby Brissett's lack of accuracy)
"You know I would have to see the film to see exactly what the numbers are. There were one or two misses he had tonight, but he made some plays. We just were not in synch on offense anywhere tonight. You know Jacoby is the quarterback so he will always be the center of attention, but trust me there was enough to go around for everybody."

(On Brissett's knew is still bothering him)
"No, I think his knee his fine."

(On if they had trouble with communication)
"I didn't feel like there was. There were one or two plays where we had miscommunication, but overall I didn't feel like the noise was a factor. There was a call where we had to call a timeout. I don't know what quarter it was, but it was my fault. I gave Jacoby something wrong. I don't know if it was the second or third quarter, but we ended up calling a time out on that one."

(On message in locker room)
"There's a time to breath fire, and there have been times where I do that after a loss, especially after a loss like this. I was not breathing fire in there today. For whatever reason, this time of the year, that is just me. I don't think that was the answer in there. I believe our guys fight hard. You lose like this it feels like you let down, but in my mind, it was just a matter of execution more than anything else."

(On not being able to make a play on defense)
"He has (Drew Brees) done that to a lot of defenses. I didn't realize it, but I looked up there at one time and he was 27-28 or something. When he gets like that, I don't know anybody that can stop him. I know it sounds crazy, but I thought we came out in the first quarter and offensively we moved the ball. We made a few plays. Those first two drives, I felt like we had a good mix and made a couple of plays. Then just couldn't quite get into scoring territory. Defensively, early in the game we were playing pretty well. Especially first and second down, and then they make a few key third downs, but that is what he does. I just give him credit. They are well coached. They have a good team and played well tonight."

(On struggles of second half of the season)
"It is hard. These losses are tough. The way they have mounted up, there are no excuses for it. Like I said, it starts with me. Especially, having six or seven, whatever the number is. We have fought through adversity. We have hung in there. Like you said, all these close games shoulda, coulda, woulda. So, I believe there are a lot of positives. There are a lot of guys doing a lot of good things, but just are not playing well enough enough to win games. Then tonight, we just got it handed to us." 

(On special teams struggles)
"I can't. We have had a couple of issues over these last few weeks. Obviously, tonight getting pinned down at the one-yard line, and then get a punt partially blocked (was tough). So, that is a 65-yard difference in field position. When you look at it besides the field goal unit, and look at the overall numbers, rankings, and statistics our special teams unit, when you look at the whole body of work is fairly highly ranked. The last couple weeks have not been up to our standards and we just have to get that corrected and do better."

(On what makes Drew Brees special)
"There is a lot of things, but to me it is his accuracy. I mean 2930, he has proven it year in and year out for a very long time. Even when you have a guy covered, he really isn't covered. He always finds a hole. He can do that as well as anybody who has ever played the game. He has the numbers to back that up. He has the numbers to back that up with what he has done with his accuracy. So, you have to give him a lot of credit for that."


Opening Statement:
"Hats off to them. They played a great game. There was a lot of self-inflicted things. I missed a couple of throws. I couldn't get into a rhythm. It starts with me and playing better. It's a trickle-down. Today was just rough."

(On the first quarter drive where he missed Zach Pascal):
"I just missed him. I saw him open and just made a bad throw."

(On what's left to play for this season):
"For each other. To play in the NFL, to be a part of a team, to be a part of a great organization, and go out there and prove yourself. A lot of people wish they were in our shoes, to be honest with you. We just have to go back to work. "It was a trickle-down thing. Obviously, we didn't start the way we wanted. Getting those first downs and staying ahead of the chains was the thing for us. Like I said, I missed a couple of throws that I usually don't. It starts with me."

(On the ineffective run game tonight):
"That's just part of it. You have to do better on those runs so that you don't get stuck in those down-and-distance. We had opportunities there and we just missed some of them."

(On the environment):
"It was a great atmosphere with Monday Night Football. In the mix of the game you don't really pay attention to the outside noise."

(On losing six of the last seven):
"It's tough, honestly. We've got two weeks left. You have to find a way to push through and find things to get better at. You'll see on tape a lot of things that I can get better at, and I'm sure a lot of other guys will say the same thing. We've got to find those things and be willing to correct them."

(On T.Y. Hilton returning tonight to action):
"He sets a great example for us. He is a great leader. He leads by example. Seeing his injury and seeing him battle back is a great example, not only for me, but for a lot of other guys on this team. You have one of the best receivers in the NFL battling to come out there and play with us."

(On appreciating Drew Brees' performance):
"I will later."

The New Orleans Saints host the Indianapolis Colts at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday, December 16, 2019.

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