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Transcript - Erik McCoy Conference Call 10/26/20 | Week 7 vs. Panthers Recap

New Orleans Saints offensive linemen Erik McCoy recaps the Saints Week 7 performance vs. the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Center/Guard Erik McCoy
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, October 26, 2020

Do you feel you guys have done well to make this three game winning streak?
"I would just say going in confident, confident we're going to win the game, going on our plan and executing it."

Sheldon (Rankins) mentioned that, you know, one of the things Coach Payton stresses is you know, find a way to win that day's game. Can you just comment on the way you guys have been able to adjust to whenever that day presents?
"It's the NFL so every week is going to present a different challenge. But, facing adversity and coming through on top is just our main goal. Coach Payton emphasizes it every week it's just, find a way to win. That's what we've been doing."

I'm just curious like, if you've learned anything about running this two-minute offense with Drew (Brees), when you're actually in it with him, like what kind of sticks out to you?
"We're going to score. It's plain and simple. It's a thing of beauty, whether it's before the half, whether it's the end of the game, we're expecting to score."

Does he actually vocalize that in the huddle? I just imagine, it's just like, kind of like a confidence that it's just kind of a product of doing it a lot.
"Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah, he doesn't verbally vocalize it. We just expect it because it's something that we've gone on and executed since I've been here. I know we've done it long before that. But just speaking from my time, two-minute we go out and execute."

When you guys are running the ball like you are, like you did yesterday, how much confidence does that give you guys throughout the game, when you're executing the offense? Because it looks like, you know, with that success, you seem like you are playing really confident yesterday?
"When you're running the ball like that, especially in the first half it always gives you a boost of confidence, not just in the run game. But because, we're going to backdoor some big play action passes, we know that we are setting up the passing game as well. It really just kind of makes the offense roll."

Offensively, you guys got into a groove yesterday. As you've already mentioned, you don't punt. I think you've had some other games where this team didn't punt but do you get into a headspace where you feel like every time you get the ball, you've got to be able to score?
"Of course I think that every time we get the ball anyways, we're going to run the ball down the field, we're going to pass the ball down the field, whatever it takes, we're going to go score. But yesterday, we really got in a groove, which was nice to see."

Just another one on that two minute drill, I think that last play of that, when Drew (Brees) threw the touchdown at Deonte (Harris). There was maybe four seconds left on the clock and no timeouts left. But what's kind of the understanding and in the moment there when that play happens?
"It's, touchdown. Just plain and simple. You know Drew's going to find the open window. Not anybody is going to get close to him. And he's going to throw a touchdown."

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