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Transcript - Erik McCoy Conference Call 10/1/20 | Week 4 vs.   Lions

New Orleans Saints offensive linemen Erik McCoy talks about the Saints' offensive unit and the preparations for Week 4 against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on Sunday, October 4, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Center/Guard Erik McCoy
Video Call with New Orleans Media 
Thursday, October 1, 2020

You broke a little corner of the internet last week with you clocking a faster time than Alvin (Kamara) on that 52-yard touchdown pass. What was going through your mind as you were sprinting down to make the block for him?
"Honestly, I was just hoping this cornerback really doesn't cut me. And then he cut me. That's really what's going through my mind because I hate getting cut on the perimeter. It's not fun."

Dan Campbell was saying on Coach Payton's radio show earlier this week that he kind of stresses to people that whenever Alvin (Kamara) has the ball, you've got to stay on your blocks and you've got to keep looking for those blocks downfield just because he's so good at breaking that first tackle. So, just kind of in your words, how important is that to just kind of always be on your toes?
"Yeah, Alvin is a special player. When he's in the game and you know that's he is getting the ball, you have got to sustain your blocks, he can make something special happen on any and every play that h is in because he is so hard to bring down. So, Dan is definitely right. You definitely want to hold your blocks a little bit longer when he's in."

What was it like watching that particular play back on film seeing yourself and then seeing just everything that Alvin was doing? Because I'm sure while it was happening, you were so focused on what you were working on.
"Yeah, more than anything, I was just impressed by Alvin's run. Because I was on the ground when he broke like the last three tackles. I do nt even know that happened. But yeah, five (broken) tackles in one play. I was like, 'Man, that's impressive.' Yeah, going back and watching film on it, it was cool. Just running down the field, kind of leading the charge. It was cool to see."

Cesar (Ruiz), before injuries happened, he did get some snaps in that were scheduled to be there. When he gets that chance to finally come in and play the role that you drafted him for, what are you seeing from him?
"Yeah, he's been cool, calm and collected. He's came in, he knows what to do. He's on the same page as everyone. He's improving his technique each and every day and that's evident when he's on the field. 

Obviously, Alvin Kamara was dealing with that injury last year and he's not right now and it seems like that's having like a big impact on his demeanor. He seems like really happy on the sidelines. Have you noticed anything different there or is just the same guy?
"Others might have been able to, but every time I've seen him, he's been joyful to be here, been joyful on the sideline and honestly, just ready to go compete."

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