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Transcript: Drew Brees postgame media availability | Saints-Jets 2019 Preseason Week 3

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees speaks to the media after Saints-Jets 2019 Preseason Week 3

On Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck's retirement:

I'm probably like everybody else, a bit surprised and stunned. We heard it when we were on the sidelines. Somebody had gotten wind of it during the game. Andrew's a friend. I'll exchange text messages with him from time to time, so I'll be reaching out to him to check on him.

On being efficient on his one drive of the game:

Yeah, any time you can go down and get points and get a touchdown, that's good. It felt like it was pretty efficient for the most part. It wasn't a big sample size. I don't even know how many total plays we ran. Eight. I was hoping to get 15-20, but I know there was a plan to pull a few of us out after a short while and get some other guys work. It's always good to go down and get points.

On his message to New York Jets QB Sam Darnold when he greeted him at the end of the game:

I actually met him during the offseason. We were at an event together and we had a chance to chat quite a bit. I've been impressed with him just from what I've seen and the way he's handled everything. It's a tough position (with) a lot of hype and expectations and I think he's handled it well. He's only going to continue to improve and get better and better as they build this team around him and all the other pieces as well. Obviously, he's got a ton of upside and a ton of opportunity.

On if Darnold asked him for any advice when they met:

We talked a little shop. It was actually at Super Bowl, so right at the end of the season. We talked ball a little bit. He seems like an extremely sharp kid who has a really bright future.

On if he and WR Michael Thomas picked up where they left off last season:

Yeah, he caught a couple of balls (and had) a couple of big plays. Like I said, it was only eight plays. Compared to the thousands of snaps we get in practice and everything else together, we're constantly striving to get better and be as efficient as we possibly can together.

On if there was ever a point in his career that he considered retirement:

You definitely have your moments, especially at the end of a hard-fought season, especially times where you've been battling injuries. We've all been there. I can't speak exactly for (Luck's) situation. I remember speaking to him when he was going through the shoulder issue two years ago. Obviously that was a really tough deal. But man, he responded. He had a phenomenal season last year. That was the result of so much hard work from last offseason. I was privy to some of the things he was doing to get himself back to playing again and the people he was working with. I've always thought so highly of Andrew, still do. He's obviously a great football player, but I think anyone who's been around him would say he's a great guy too. Man, you hate to see something like that. I don't know if that's permanent or something short term. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the league in my opinion and he still has a ton of upside and a ton of QB life left if he chooses to want to come back and do that.

On if more players think about retirement if they're battling an injury or having a tough season:

Oh, for sure, absolutely. This game is a grind. It takes a physical toll and it takes a mental toll and an emotional one. You have to truly dedicate yourself and sacrifice a lot. I don't think any of us take that lightly. None of us take that for granted. We understand that's part of what we sign up for. It still doesn't take away from the fact that it can absolutely be a grind at times.

On if he feels for Luck in his situation:

I very much feel for him. I know what he went through with the shoulder. I don't know the circumstances around this, other than I know he's been battling another injury this offseason and into this training camp. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Like I said, I think he's a well-respected guy who everyone feels has a lot of great football left in him if he chooses to want to do that. We all love watching him play. I love watching his film. I like being around him. I wish him the best, whatever that direction is for him.

On Colts fans booing Luck:

Oh, I didn't hear that. I'm just catching up, so I'll weigh in once I have all the information.

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