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Transcript - Demario Davis Conference Call 10/30/20 | Week 8 vs. Bears

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis shares insight on teammate Alvin Kamara and the Bears offensive unit prior to the Saints Week 8 matchup against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 1, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, October 30, 2020

What are some of the challenges that you have seen from the Chicago offense?
"They do a lot of good things and have a lot of weapons. They have a good one two punch out of the backfield. (Nick) Foles is playing really well, doing a really good job of managing the chains in front of the sticks. They pose a lot of different threats on third down and in the red zone. A good balanced attack. So it's, it's going to be a big challenge for us this week."

He's on the other side of the field but Alvin Kamara has had many big plays this season, what are you seeing out of him from your vantage point? Is there one thing that sticks out to you?
"Ah, like you said, he's had so many. I definitely think when he caught the swing pass against Green Bay I think, I remember (he) caught the swing pass out of backfield, and, made all those guys missed and danced on the sideline all the way to the end zone. It's amazing. Just a phenomenal player."

When you are watching tape for this week is there something that he does differently than Mitch Trubisky or are they fitting into the same systemp?
"I think they have a lot of a lot of similarities. They're keeping the system consistent, I think the things that you see with Trubisky is, he's a lot more dynamic with his feet, they're going to have some run plays in there with him and he does a lot more as far as footwork in the pocket and moving around. With Foles, he understands, that's not really a strength, so he knows how to get the ball out a lot quicker. And that's what he's been doing. He kind of knows his reads, and where he wants to go with the ball and gets it there and been in the game, a lot longer, has had a lot of success in the league. He knows his strength, he knows what he does well, and it really speaks highly of him, that that he's done well in multiple systems."

Coach Payton mentioned that the conditions in Chicago and at Soldier Field will factor into the game. How do you have that factor into your preparation?
"Playing cold (weather) games, you got to know how to kind of set your body to be ready for those elements. Same game."

Do you give your teammates tips having played in outdoor environments extensively as a member of the Browns and Jets?
"Yes, most guys kind of know. If you've been in the league long enough you've had cold games, everybody's different. With the young guys you might tell them a few things about the elements, what they have to be prepared for and different things that they can do. We tell our linebackers, sleeves are not allowed for linebackers in the league so you have to find another way to put sleeves on."

The league and teams are not opening their facilities on Tuesday during elections, how important is it that the league decided to make the call on that?
"It's really big when you look at our last election and how people didn't vote. Our last election, people felt like their voice wasn't heard or didn't matter. Going above and beyond to stress the emphasis of everyone's voice no matter who you're voting for, just understand what's going on in the world and that your voice matters. That's the great part of our country. We kind of get to decide who our leaders are going to be. It only works when we use our voice and so whether that's not just the national election, but the local election, know who the city council candidates are (for example), knowing what they stand for, understanding who your local DA is, understanding who your local sheriff is. All those things matter. Understanding the power of your voice is how you change your community, change the city, state and nation. Through all the craziness and weirdness of 2020, I think one of the biggest things is our awareness has gone us as people in terms of our own individual voices that are in the power of our voices collectively. And I think people are starting to understand that and it is motivating people to do more. And it took all this stuff happening for people's social consciousness to be raised and all of us to realize that when we work together we're more powerful. I think I'd do it all over again."

The NFL and NFLPA put out a release last week saying 90 percent of players on active rosters are registered to vote. How encouraging is that?
"It's very encouraging, and that's why it is very alarming when people don't want athletes to do anything but entertain or play their sports. We're leaders, not just leaders, on the field, but leaders in society, leaders in our home, leaders in our communities. And I think that's what leaders do. When people don't know what to do, or people aren't doing it, we all count on somebody else, just step up and do what needs to be done. And if that's serving as an inspiration to the rest of our society that's a great thing."

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