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Transcript - Demario Davis Conference Call 1/6/21 | NFC Wild Card 2020

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis talks about Terron Armstead winning the Ed Block Courage Award on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Terron Armstead was named your team's Ed Block Courage Award winner today. Just knowing everything that he's gone through on and off the field this season, just how meaningful is that to you to see him be recognized for the stuff that he's been through this year?
"Definitely don't think anyone is more deserving than Terron for that award this year. The thing that he's had to go through this season and had to endure and still be able to stay focused and locked in to come and perform at a high level for this team just speaks volumes about who he is as a person and then the steadiness of his character and dependability that you can have in him. He's playing some of his best football. And so whatever he's had to do to channel it all mentally, he's done it well, and is definitely worthy of applause."

Alex Anzalone he's been through a lot professionally, just with the injuries and them trading for Kwon Alexander, how's he kind of handled that over the years? And is it ever something that you two talk about, just how to overcome professional obstacles I guess?
"Yeah, he's handled it as good as you can handle it, most of everything is not what's happened to you. It's all about how you respond to it. And he's handled it well. He had some injuries early in his career, He'd lock in to rehab to come back 100% from that, when he's been in the game, he's performed at a high level, then you bring in another player, and you play less. That has happened to me in my career. So I was able to talk with him about that as that was going on, but he's handled it well. Went in and balled out on special teams. And now he's got another opportunity to be back out there playing at a high level. So he's handled as good as you can handle it and so definitely has my respect in that regard."

I would guess for most players, something like that would just be more motivation, right? Just to be better and to regain that spot back. I mean, everyone handles things differently, but I guess, how did you handle that when it happened to you to be more direct?
"Well, the first thing is you have to take accountability it, for whatever the case may be. When you're out or somebody comes in, they're playing, you can feel how you want to feel, but you have to take the accountability yourself, like I can do something better to where they want me in all the time. And so you just have to put that chip on your shoulder. And like you said, use it use it as motivation. And those are some of the things that I shared with him having had that (experience). And that's the point, we have a veteran room in the linebacker room. It wasn't just myself, but Craig (Robertson) was able to talk to him, having gone through some similar things as well. And so it's all about just how you channel it mentally, but everything in life, not just a football is always going to be about your approach and your approach is going to start with your attitude. And so anything can happen, but it's all about the perspective that you take and how you respond to it."

You play all season long to get the best possible seed in the playoffs for home field advantage. That's a little different this season, considering there will only be like 3,000 fans on Sunday. How do you move forward in bringing that energy? Like you've tried to do this season when there aren't many fans on hand for you?
"Yeah, first of all, as a Saints player, there's no way that you can simulate the energy that a packed dome has, there's no way that you can even come close to stimulating it. But our team, we play with a ton of energy and a ton of swagger. And just like to have fun, that is just part of the culture that is here. And so no matter if we are at home or on the road, we are going to carry a high level of energy and swagger. But there's nothing like having a home field advantage and being able to play in the dome when it's packed. Maybe a miracle will happen and COVID will disappear in time for us to get a game with a fully packed stadium."

You've had some parts of your career where you didn't make it to the playoffs. Is there like a sense of urgency knowing that these opportunities don't come often and the window doesn't stay open forever?
"Yeah, I think when you've been on teams where you didn't make the playoffs, it brings a certain level of appreciation and gratitude, and understanding of just how precious these moments are. We're no longer in the regular season, we're in the playoffs. It's different. Everything about your process can pretty much stay the same, but it's a just a little bit more focus that's required. Just a little bit more mental strain that you have to put on yourself to show that you're ready in those moments because it's win or go home. So not only do you have to appreciate it, you have to channel your mind in a way that you're holding on to every moment. It's not just appreciating the moment, but you want to hold on to every moment. Because in holding on to the moment, that's the only way you're going to create new moments to be able to go further. I challenged our guys today, the linebackers, keep going and the only way to keep going is to win and the only way to win is to prepare to win. And so that's kind of the mindset that you have to have."

Is there an awareness among you guys that Drew (Brees) is about to turn 42, he doesn't have a lot of these opportunities left, you don't have a lot of opportunities left with Drew. Just make them count and you have it? Like I don't know how else to put it.
"All we have is this moment. The only thing that we're promised is this moment. That is the only clock that you could be looking at. It isn't like as a team, you've got so many opportunities to be here. The only moment we have is right now and it's all about what we do with it right now."

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