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Transcript: Defensive tackle David Onyemata weekly conference call - October 28, 2019

Defensive tackle David Onyemata speaks to media heading into the bye

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle David Onyemata
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, October 28, 2019

What do you think it is you guys have done well in defending the run, the last couple of weeks particular?
"It's not really like the last couple of weeks. I think we've been doing this for what, two years now? It's just been taking pride in what we do. Just stopping the run, getting the opportunity to rush the passer and put them in negative situations I would say."

The fourth-down stop, what did you see and what did you do?
"It was a quarterback under center, expecting a run. First of all, I was expecting a quarterback sneak because he was under center and they (the offensive line) were all low in their stance, but they handed the ball off and I just made a play."

When you guys are stopping the run like you did yesterday or the week before against Chicago. how tough is that on an opposing offense just knowing that they are in those bad, like third and long situations?
"Over the past year, teams have come in here playing teams that the week before they put on what 200 yards on the (other) team, but just executing the game plan and just playing fundamentally sound football (we have avoided that). I think that has helped us a lot."

Where's this team's confidence defensively after eight weeks?
"It's been great just going out there with the guys and playing (at) a high level and expecting the same from every other person. It's fun just being out there and playing with the guys. We've got each other's back out there."

What was it like to get Trey Hendrickson back yesterday to play after he missed a few games?
"You could tell when he was out he was itching to come back, but having him out there and getting the opportunity to do what he does, I think he was really happy about that."

How about the play of Sheldon Rankin's since he's gotten back? Do you think he's getting close to kind of playing at level he was at before the injury last year?
"He's been doing that, you can tell he (has a standard) for the game and he's been doing that. I think just from watching him practice and all of that, I don't see a difference from where he was last year this year. He's still the same person."

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