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Transcript - David Onyemata Conference Call 11/04/20 | Week 9 vs. Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints defensive linemen David Onyemata talks about the Saints run defense and the importance of the divisional game prior to the Saints Week 9 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 8, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle David Onyemata
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Just looking at the standings, is there any more relevance attached to this game Sunday night? Or, you know, what's your take on that?
"It's definitely a big one. It's for, it's pretty much for the division, to be ahead in the division and that's kind of how we see it."

So there's no getting around that?

How different does this team look compared to when you were preparing for them for week one, compared to now?
"Week one definitely was a little different. We didn't have preseason film on certain teams. But now teams (are) kind of getting their groove and you're starting to see certain things, so I'll say that's different."

It looks like you've been playing really well and really consistent. Do you feel like you yourself have worked into a groove where your mental ability and physical abilities kind of match and you're playing, you know, as good as you have?
"I've just been playing ball in the eyes of my abilities. So that's just how, I go out there every day to play as hard as possible. And that's the mindset I have towards it."

I know you guys have that streak of stopping opposing runners from getting to 100 yards. And I was just curious how much that's on your guys' mind as you're out there preparing for teams, particularly teams like this where they have some good backs?
"I think we just take accountability of stopping the run. And I don't think we think about it that much going into certain weeks. I think we just go out there and play ball."

Tom Brady has kind of made a living with his quick release, kind of a quick passing game throughout his career. I'm curious, as a defensive line knowing that, how much more is that interior pass rush against a guy like (Tom) Brady to get him off his spot?
"You're not going to get there every time, especially when you have a guy who releases the ball pretty fast. You can do certain things with it; have your hands up in the interior. And definitely try and get maybe, a batted ball too. There are other ways you can still attack a quarterback who throws the ball quick."

How much of a wrinkle does Antonio Brown add into the game planning this week since it'll be his first game with a new team that he hasn't played on before?
"It is just like week one. You have not actually seen the person with their team. And you haven't seen to an extent, maybe all their plays? The connection, you have not seen that. So I can't really say much about it right now. Once gameday comes, we'll go from there."

You're one of the very few Manitobans even playing football right now. There's no high school football here. There's no (Manitoba) Bisons football. No CFL, either. So does your heart kind of go out to some of the people back home who weren't able to play football? And have you been able to talk with maybe some of your former teammates or coaches to talk about the situation going on here?
"I saw a couple guys, it's like a flag football league they got going on there right now. So they're still guys, you know, trying to, still in the game right now up there. I know a couple guys who play in the CFL actually. And it's been tough, not having a job for an entire year. I don't even know how to explain that. It would be really tough going through something like that."

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