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Transcript: Coach Sean Payton weekly conference call - October 23, 2019

Coach Sean Payton speaks to media prior to Week 8

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Is there anything that stands out to you about Kliff Kingsbury and this offense that he's running with Arizona?
"They're going to spread you out. You're going to have to play well in space. I think the last three weeks they haven't had a turnover. They ran the ball well last week. I think that it's the work during the week and simulating some of these runs. But I think they're doing a real good job here. You look at the last three games and you're seeing a different team."

Does it help that you guys have faced a handful of mobile quarterbacks this year just preparing for a guy like Kyler Murray?
"I think it's more about who you're playing and the type of offense you are defending. This guy is unique though. He is hard to pin down. He has an extremely talented arm. He can get the ball down the field. He's near the top 10 in the league in completions of 20 plus yards, 10 plus yards. The key is just getting a good week of preparation for it. Who can simulate that."

What have you seen from Will Clapp and his reps going in as the sixth offensive lineman?
"Listen, with Jared's (Cook) injury we knew he was going to play more. I think that that allows for a little bit more consistency. That allows for improvement. I think it's a little bit more difficult to play four snaps a game twice in the first quarter, once in the third and once in the fourth. I think he's improved and I thought he played well last week."

What has Dennis Allen done so well these last couple of years and just getting this defense to play at such a level?
"I think number one, he's, he's a tremendous teacher. I think we've put together a good staff. I think the other thing with DA is his experience. We were together back here in 06, 07, for a number of years. He's been around a lot of systems and I think that paying attention closely to what we want to do defensively with our personnel, he's done a real good job there."

Larry Fitzgerald, it seems like that guy is just ageless out there. What makes him so difficult to defend?
"Here's what he does well; he plays in the slot, he's a tremendous blocker, he's got great instincts and strong hands and traffic. So when it comes to the third downs and the grit plays, this is something that he's excelled at throughout his career. He's physical, he's not afraid of contact. He does a real good job (with) yards after the catch. And I think when you're seeing a team with as much spread looks is we're getting, he's fitting right into his role there."

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