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Transcript: Coach Sean Payton weekly conference call - October 14, 2019

Coach Sean Payton speaks to media prior to Week 7

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, October 14, 2019

How important was it offensively, I guess not just the long touchdown drive, but the six minute drive to close out the game?
"It was significant, especially the type of game we were in. I thought we played better in the second half offensively, clearly, than we did in the first half. We had a touchdown called back. But you're in one of those games which became more of a field position game and I thought as a team we handled that well, but that final drive was important. To be able to finish taking a knee in a game like that was significant."

How much does a drive like that help the offense's confidence, whether or not they've played a spotless game or not, but to be able to finish out on that kind of note?
"At halftime we talked about a number of things. There were a couple third downs there, a handful of plays that had we executed better probably would have felt better going into the half. But I was pleased with how we responded in the second half. Our penalty numbers were down. We again got to continue to work on a little bit more consistency. There's a play here, a missed assignment here. Our get off wasn't really loud and yet at times we were using the silent snap count and we were late off the ball. But I was encouraged with the film in the second half. I thought we were better."

Marshon (Lattimore) said he wanted to work on his consistency this season. He said as a rookie, even though he was a Pro Bowler and all those things, he said he was just getting by on talent. Are you seeing that consistency out of him? Is this his most consistent stretch?
"He's hit a stretch here where I feel like he's playing some of his better football and he's played exceptionally well prior to this year. But, again he's drawn some top assignments. He almost had a second interception yesterday. He got his hands on a ball. He's playing very well."

Speaking of drawing tough assignments, what is your assessment of how your two offensive tackles have played in pass protection this year? Aside from the penalties?
"Overall I think it's one of the strengths of our team, one of the strengths of our offensive line."

Anything on Ryan Ramczyk in particular?
"He's  one of those players that I think both in the running game and in the passing game excels in a number of areas. He's very consistent. He's very steady. Early in the year he drew some tough match-ups. I thought the opening weekend he was outstanding. I think he's one of those guys that quietly goes about his job and yet he does it very effectively. I'm glad we have him obviously. His first start was over at left tackle. Having two players that we feel like protect well on the edges, both he and Terron (Armstead) is a plus for your offense."

How much more consistent and comfortable have you seen Latavius Murray and Jared Cook getting in the offense as the season has gone along?
"With Latavius, he had a couple of big touches yesterday. I liked his pad level. I thought he finished extremely well. He's a veteran player. He's a player that has had success in our league and is a player that is a slash type runner. He's got very good speed and vision, and understands exactly what we're trying to do philosophically as an offense. Jared, sometimes for me, the key is getting him touches, opportunities on the football. His touchdown catch was really kind of second in the progression with Mike (Thomas) being primary. It was a really good play by him and a really good find and throw by Teddy (Bridgewater). He came up big yesterday and each week it's up to us as coaches to continue to look at ways to get him matched up, either out in space or internally, but I was pleased with how he played."

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