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Transcript: Coach Sean Payton Training Camp media availability 8-19-19

New Orleans Saints head coach speaks to the media after Day 25 of training camp. 

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
2019 Training Camp Presented By Verizon
Monday, August 19, 2019
Post-Practice Media Availability

When you're evaluating players, how do you sort of balance watching the players execution versus the unit they're lined up against?
"That factors in a lot, and sometimes that's depending on the position, it's a challenging position. It can be challenging for the running back, the quarterback. We try to, as best we can, get them with other personnel that are on the field. That's part of it."

It said on the CBS broadcast that you've compared Taysom Hill or said he may be the next Steve Young. Obviously, that's a little grandiose.
"If you look back at Steve's career and people do not remember his time before he came into the NFL, you had a very athletic player that I think advanced when he got to San Francisco and he always had great ability with his legs. You're trying to create visions for players no different than how you would evaluate, you know, how you see Teddy (Bridgewater) progressing, what he can be in and I think that that is the business we are in."

Saying something like that speaks you still have a vision for Hill at quarterback.
"Absolutely. That hasn't changed. Right now we just feel like as we continue to work on those skillsets, there's other things that he's able to do to help the team and he's done those pretty well."

I know you only get to see so many preseason games, but with everything you've added up, how much has he developed as a passer and reads and progression?
"I said this yesterday and a week ago. I think we've seen a significant growth with both he and Teddy. This is Teddy's second full year and Taysom the same. We're seeing things take place on a day to day basis that maybe weren't happening a year ago."

You have (C.J.) Gardner-Johnson playing in the slot. Is that like the kind of "Buffalo" thing you and the defensive coaching staff did the last couple of years? Is that as like a nickel corner or is that kind of like a hybrid? How do you kind of see that?
"We would consider Buffalo because his natural position would be a safety. So, I do not know that you can take any strong safety and play them in that position. But one of the things that we felt he did very well in college was play in that slot position. So, he received more reps at it in (the) Buffalo (package) yesterday than the first week (vs. Minnesota Vikings). The first week he played more safety snaps. So, a lot of it depends on the gameplan and who we're playing. But yeah, it's one of the things that we feel like he can do well."

Does that require him to learn more than a typical guy in his position?
"Learning some nickel responsibilities when it comes to your man to man into your zone looks. He's someone (who) I think picks things up pretty quick and still working and he still has a ton of room for growth, but we think that was from the very beginning a vision we had for him."

That Steve Young vision you had for Taysom (Hill), is that something you had right away when he got here or did it kind of develop over time?
"No, I think that was something that as you began to watch his skillset you're just trying to think of players that were similar at an early stage in your career."

Emmanuel Butler has been out a little bit, but is there something he has done that kind of shows promise?
"We've seen some, you guys have all seen it and now it's just seeing them on a more consistent basis. I think these next two weeks will be important for him. He came back after missing a little bit of time, but he's high pointed the ball well. I've seen strong hands in traffic and a lot of things you want to see from a young player." 

How's his blocking?
"I think decent. I'd say somewhat raw still in learning the force patterns and who to block. But that's something we feel like we can correct. He's certainly willing."

What did you like about Austin Carr when he first got here?
"He is a savvy player. He is smart. He understands route principles versus man and zone. I think he transitions real well in and out of his cuts. I think the production and the football IQ, all of those things factors in."

At this stage of the preseason, you're going into the third game. What are you looking for some from some of these guys that are maybe on the bubble?
"I think overall, our first half yesterday; I thought we started well defensively. I thought we were sloppy offensively. I thought our tempo lacked. I think overall, all the details that go into playing well; I think we have to improve on. I think this is a good week for us really to focus on the little things specifically to what we've seen in the game. I know we have an installation and a plan for this week and yet, we have to be able to midstream adjust a little bit and pay attention to what we're seeing. So I think the details and what it takes to execute offensively, there were a lot of things for us to coach off of in the kicking game video this morning and the same way defensively."

How do you view that competition going between some of those young guys at wide receiver? It looks like you have a lot of guys competing for maybe one or two spots.
"That process is still going, it's still ongoing." 

Colton Jumper was a guy that was around a little bit last year. Is there any specific area you've seen him progress?
"His strength is playing in the special teams and that is where he would be competing to make the team. There are a few other guys that are competing for similar spots. We talk about it every year, you're not just competing with the guys that are in your room, you are competing with the other 31 rooms (teams) at the same position, possibly (at) other positions. So really focusing maybe more on the things you can control as a player and less on what you think the cutline might be is important."

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