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Transcript: Coach Sean Payton Training Camp media availability 8-16-19

New Orleans Saints head coach speaks to the media after Day 22 of training camp. 

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Training Camp Presented By Verizon
Friday, August 16, 2019
Post-Practice Media Availability

What was your impression of the two-minute drill at the end? It seems like you had success on both sides.
"We're trying to get some of the groups that are going to work it in the game possibly. You saw our second unit and then you saw our third unit. Anytime you're trying to simulate game situations -- one of them was down in the red zone, we had to defend six or seven plays inside the 10-yard line. That'll be a good film for us."

Cyril Grayson had made a couple of catches near the end. I know you've talked about him before, but he's the kind of guy you need to see sort of do it every day. How would you rate his progress right now?
"He's made some plays for us. He's inconsistent right now. I think it's going to be important these next three weeks to start seeing a little bit better pattern. He can run and there are some things that you see that he's doing really well. And then at times there's some plays that, whether it's technique, whether it's a split, some of the details."

Even in football pads, is his speed unique?
"I think he has good speed. I think that that's the best way to describe it. He can run."

What are your impressions so far of Trey Hendrickson as he rotates?
"I think he is at a better weight this year and he is having a pretty good camp. So, I am encouraged. He has some versatility. I like how he's been practicing and I think it's been overall pretty positive."

(Trey Hendrickson) is entering his third camp here, is that typically where you want to start seeing growth into defense?
"No. You could see it earlier and sometimes you never get to it. He's someone that's competing and competing for playing time."

(The team had) a lighter load today. I know they started with pads.
"Shoulder pads and helmets much like a year ago. And then halfway through practice, we put them in the shells. We still still were able to get some good physical practice. We had a run period to start practice and then quite a bit of team snaps. So overall, I thought it was good."

Is it safe to say these two days have given you everything you hoped they would?
"Sure. You know you're going to have good weather and like I said yesterday, we've had good practices with these guys. It's a good football team and it's good to see a different group of players."

From preseason games one to two, are you looking for anything more than just a steady improvement?
"I think with each group it depends. Obviously we're going to play our ones a little bit longer into this game like we typically do. You're wanting to see some of the mistakes cleaned up from a week ago."

I know people use terms like superstition and things like that. I wouldn't use that silly of a term. But you followed the same routine that you did last year. Obviously, you've had successful seasons since you've been coming out (to Los Angeles to practice with and play the Chargers). How much of that plays into the work last year or is that just coincidence?
"I think probably more coincidence. The camp we are having back at home has been good. And for me it's, you're getting to a climate to get a little bit longer practice in without just surviving it, you know? And so I think getting out here you could practice three hours out here and it feels fantastic."

A.J. Derby, even though he's just joined a team, it seemed like he's flashing out.
"There's some things he can do in the passing game. I would say he's pretty in tune too. It's just establishing a confidence level as to what exactly and then what's the vision for the player."

Is (Derby) someone you have had your eye on before in the past?
"Well, we've evaluated him before. Certainly, in the draft process. So, you know, we're aware of the player and now you receive a little bit more familiarity. He's on your own roster, so we're having a chance to look at him."

What challenges does (Derwin James) present to an offense?
"Well, I think overall his versatility. Someone that you can cover, but he's also someone that can play in the paint, like a linebacker. And so his speed and his length is what stands out to you. He's someone who I think he's a very good tackler. That versatility lends itself to being a pretty good football player.

When you saw (Derwin James) last year as a rookie, were you impressed?
"Yeah, absolutely."

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