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Transcript: Coach Sean Payton media availability - November 15, 2019

Coach Sean Payton addresses media prior to Week 11 game against the Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post Practice Media Availability
Friday, November 15, 2019

I know last night was a shock to a lot of people, the way that Browns-Steelers ended. What was your reaction to seeing it this morning?
"I just saw the highlights of it. Obviously, you hate to see it for our game. I haven't seen anything else relative to penalties or what not, but I'm sure they'll come down pretty hard."

From a player safety standpoint, does that worry you as a coach when you see something like this?
"Absolutely. Like I said, I think the league will handle it and go from there."

It seems like both P.J. Williams and Patrick Robinson have sort of revived their careers by moving inside. You obviously seem to like their ability to be able to move inside or outside?
"There's some flexibility. Look, PJ has been a guy that's played out and in. Patrick the same way. Patrick more inside as of late in his career and then C.J. (Gardner-Johnson) gives us flexibility to play inside. One of the reasons that you have depth at that position is to have some flexibility. You're seeing a lot more opened up sets,more receivers on the field than maybe 10 years ago. It's important that you have the ability to match that."

Sort of going week to week right now with Marshon (Lattimore), I know you guys like your depth within the secondary. Was there any thought to look at the waiver wire this week at all?
"No, listen, week to week with Marshon. In other words, he's working on getting healthy, but we feel like we've got pretty good depth at that position."

I know you guys have parted ways with the former first round pick before, but with (Vernon) Hargraves, was that a shock to see them part ways? 
"No, it happens at times. It's not the right fit. You have no idea all the things that are going on somewhere else that led to a decision like that. That happens."

Mitchell Loewen started working with the tight ends and the defensive ends in like week three and now he's just with the tight ends. What have you been seeing from him?
"It's a change, obviously a significant change, but he's someone that's tough, that's eager and I like the progress he's making. He gives you a physical presence. Certainly, we hope he can develop into a blocking tight end. It's been a good change for him and for us."

Where did the genesis for that come from?
"I think we always are talking when we deal with some players that maybe we're deep at a position in one area. What else does this player do well and he's got the body type that fits kind of that position. Periodically you have these discussions. (Justin) Hardee is another one I think about who was a receiver with the Texans that we claimed. We really went back and looked at college, but also high school where he played corner. You're trying to have a good vision for the player (which) I think is important."

After last week, was this one of those weeks where you couldn't wait to get to Sunday where you're kind of itching a little?
"I think that's a good way to put it. When you don't play well and you don't feel like as a coach (that) you weren't successful, you're eager to get back and practice and eager to get back at an opportunity to play. Quickly, you're looking at all the mistakes, you're looking at all the things you want to correct and hopefully we can do that this weekend."

Anytime after a loss like that, talking to the guys on Monday, it seemed like from my impression, the guys seemed to flush the loss really quick, but from a coach's standpoint, do you like seeing them taking accountability, but they quickly moved on to, I would imagine?
"It's kind of what we talk about all the time. The same thing with a win, there's that short window. Again, a lot of things take place in a win. A lot of them that you need to get corrected and in a loss like last week, there's still some real good things that take place individually. You're on it,covering it and then very quickly you have to get onto your next opponent."

The injury report hasn't come out yet, but Deonte (Harris) with his injury, we don't know if he's going to play yet, but how big of a game changer has he been in the games that he's been healthy?
"Listen, he's come on and really developed for us. He's a threat both as a punt returner and a kickoff returner. He's very confident. Obviously, he's got very good speed. He was a good sign for us."

What have you seen from Ted (Ginn), Alvin (Kamara), and Krishawn (Hogan) and those guys in practice this week?
"They're all those guys are getting work. We'll see where we're at."

How do you like, just this season, the way this team was built and (how) the depth has seemed to work out, whether it's Alvin (Kamara) or Drew (Brees) going down and now you have Andrus Peat going down, but you seem like you have guys that you can slide in and take meaningful snaps?
"It's to go through a season and be injury free. You don't know what position groups are going to get affected. Hopefully you have less than more, but it's a long season and I would say it's pretty normal. How you handle it, having the depth to win is more important. Hopefully we get those guys back as quickly as possible."

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