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Transcript: Carolina Panthers Postgame Quotes | Saints-Panthers 2019 Week 12

Get postgame reactions from Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and quarterback Kyle Allen


(On message to players in locker room)
"I just told them to continue to learn to fight. That is what it came down to. It really was a good ole' fashioned fight. They fought, they responded, gave them(selves) a chance. Unfortunately, we didn't win it. That is all you can say to them. They gave everything they can. I really appreciate the effort we got."

(On if he has talked to Joey Slye)
"No, I haven't had the chance to Joey yet. So much has happened since the time the game has been over. I will get an opportunity." (On what he will say to Joey) "I don't know yet."

(On if this is just the life of an NFL kicker)
"It is most certainty. He will get his opportunities though. He will make some that will help us win. That is the thing he has to understand. This is all part of it. Let's not forget that this is really his first year. That is one thing a lot of people don't understand. He is a young kicker. He is going to make his mistakes, but if you give him time and stick with him, eventually he will become a good kicker. Hopefully, he will become a good, old kicker."

(On fumble on muffed punt)
"It was a terrible kick, okay. Normally, (Thomas) Morstead kills the ball, and for whatever reason he didn't get a very good punt off. So, what happened was our jammer was in position trying to jam and slow the guy down, and D.J. (Moore) was coming over. It was one of those things. It was not a typical kick. It was a little shorter than he normally kicks it, little less hangtime, and we had a guy trying to (inaudible)."

(On Kyle Allen's performance today against the Saints)
"We gave Kyle time. Our offensive line did some good things. Again, credit to them, they (Saints) rushed the passer. When Kyle has time with a fairly good pocket, he can make good decisions. He threw the ball well. It was unfortunate to get a couple opportunities on defense, and we missed those as well. It's a team game in all three phases. When something happens, you usually end up on the wrong side."

(On DJ Moore's fighting through pain and his performance)
"For a second-year player, he was great. He stepped up. We needed him out there and he went out there. Hats off to him. If young guys learn how to win, you are going to be a good team, and I believe DJ knows how to win. Again, hopefully we understand what it takes and continue to grow."

(On pass interference challenge at the end of the game)
"The biggest you have is if the ball is in the air, and they said yes. Jerry (Jarius Wright) said to me "Coach, if they don't grab me, I will run through it and catch that ball." So, that is why I challenged it. With Sam telling me upstairs, as well, "Hey, I saw it. It looked like the ball was gone Coach." So, we challenged it."

(On flag getting picked up on last missed field goal)
"Yeah, I couldn't see it. That is one those things you can't jump with leverage. You can block a guy down, but you can't grab him and pull him down. JJ (Hansen) said he got grabbed by the back of the helmet, and created that leverage and all that type of stuff. I don't know, I didn't see it. So, we will have to see. We will take a look at the tape and go from there. Again, credit to both teams. Both teams played and unfortunately we didn't come out on top."

(On not scoring touchdown on last drive)
"Well, we had some things that we thought would be really good, but again they made a play and we didn't. So, you have to give them credit for that."

(On adjustments made to come back from early deficit)
"The biggest thing was when we were gap sound, we were able to stop their running game. That's something I've been talking about. As long as we're the team we're supposed to be and do our responsibilities, we can shut the run down. We had a couple of really good plays as far as the run defense was concerned. Unfortunately, every now and then we get anxious and we don't stay as disciplined as we need to be. We did do some of those things, and made some adjustments. We were trying to pay attention to 13 and then they went to 87. Kudos to Drew (Brees) for reading what we were doing. Then they tried to stretch us with Ted Ginn (Jr.), but Donte (Jackson) came up and made a good play for us. Eric Reid made a couple of nice plays as well. Then the interception. Tre (Boston) had a good beat on the ball. It is one of those things if he didn't run into the guy, maybe he catches it and returns it for a touchdown. Well, we gave ourselves a chance, and that is the best thing you ask for."

(On irony of winning pass interference challenge in the place where it was the inspiration for the pass interference challenge rule)
"Yeah, it is the whole point of it. That is why the rule was put into place. When you get into an egregious situation like that, that they can correct it and rectify it. I'm glad it worked that way."


(On Saints Defense):
"We were just taking what they gave us. They played a lot of two-high. They were trying to keep everything in front of them, so we were just taking what they give us."

(On his play):
"I felt like I did. I felt like I put it together a little more today. It's like I said earlier, taking what they give you. That's not something I was doing good the past couple weeks. We took what they gave us. We had a lot of long sustained drives and really big plays. We gave ourselves a chance to win at the end. "It is incredibly frustrating. It does not matter how you play. At the end of the day when they look back on the season it's going to be a loss. There's going to be no asterisk saying they almost won. It's a loss. Its frustrating. We've just got to put it all together and come together as a team. Some weeks it's been offense, some weeks it's been defense. We've just got to put it together and play a complete game."

(On post-game talk to Joey Slye):
"I told him I was in the exact same spot he was last week. I told him 'We're going to need you down the line.' For throwing four picks last week, I didn't give us a chance to win the game at all. I told him, 'Look man, it's going to happen, especially in kickers' careers. You see it from every kicker. People go through slumps sometimes. People miss kicks. It's not a big deal. We've got to pick it up.' It's like I said, we've got to pick up slack. If people are slacking other people have to pick it up. It's a team game. I told him there were numerous other things in the game that could have went other ways. If we would have made plays on offense, if (the) defense would have made a couple more plays, he wouldn't have been put in that position. It's not on him."

(On DJ Moore):
"I don't know what happened to his arm or his elbow, but I saw the replay as we were going in and it looked gross. For him to come out there and make that big play in the second half, and continue to make big plays the whole game, it speaks volumes." "Execution, it all comes down to execution. The talent and the stuff that we do during the week into. Sunday, its executing. We've got to find a way to put it all together and not make little mistakes. You see teams like the Saints and teams like the Packers, the really good teams that we've played, they don't make those mistakes. We've just got to keep trying to play mistake free football and give us a chance to win. When we don't hurt ourselves were a really good team."


(On DJ Moore):
"The guy takes a hard shot in the arm on the sideline. We all knew he was hurting but he keeps fighting back and breaks a. long. One and continues to fight. It's never an effort issue for us. It's an execution issue."

(On Saints defense):
"It's a team game and I thought we moved the ball well. We put up 31 and could have had a few more. At the end of the day, we have to score more than them." (On Kyle Allen): "He's a fighter. The guy comes out there and doesn't blink. We love playing with him. He's a heck of a quarterback. He put the ball where it was supposed to go, and guys came up and made some catches and made some plays." "Me and Kyle have a good feel. We talk during the week about certain coverages and what we want to do against it, and he did a great job distributing the ball."

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