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Transcript:  Carolina Panthers Interim Head Coach Perry Fewell Conference Call - Thursday, December 26, 2019

Carolina Panthers Interim Head Coach Perry Fewell speaks to the media prior to the week 17 match up against the Saints

Carolina Panthers Interim Head Coach Perry Fewell
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, December 26, 2019

What is your perspective on how this Saints offensive line has held up through some injuries?
"I think they've done an excellent job. I know there have been some guys they've had to replace. They're working in conjunction with each other and working together. Drew's (Brees) is getting the ball out, spreading the ball to his different receivers. They're running the ball. You really can't tell much of anything has changed. That attributes to them being a good football team"

How does that apply to the Saints secondary as well?
"They have some pieces missing obviously. They have some Janoris (Jenkins) in there now. They have some pieces missing. The front still remains in my mind the strong point of that defense, so they'll take care of the back."

The Saints have some seeding to play for. Is there some motivation in spoiling a potential Week 17 party for a division rival?
"We're just trying to win one game. We haven't won one game in quite some time. Our focus is to win one game and the Saints happen to be that opponent."

Did the interim experience in Buffalo in 2009 help you in adjusting to this situation?
"It helped me tremendously because I knew what to expect, knew the different hats I would have to wear and I knew the different places where I was being tugged to the left and to the right with not only the media, meetings, administration and ownership. It helped me tremendously from that standpoint."

How have you seen D.J. Moore develop as a player this year?
"I think he's made good strides throughout the year. It's unfortunate he didn't get to complete the game last week. He's made strides throughout the year. I think he's going to be one of the top receivers in this league in years to come."

What does it say to you as a coach the talent Michael Thomas has?
"I just think that coach Payton and his staff do a tremendous job of acquiring talent and using it to the best of their ability. They've used Michael in a way that he's maxed his performance. You want to maximize your performance as a player and that's your job as a coach. Both of them are working extremely well together."

When you watch the different ways the Saints use Taysom Hill is there anything that stands out about how they're using him?
"It's amazing. He's listed as a quarterback. He plays receiver, he plays quarterback. All of the different roles that he has, the job he does on special teams, he must be a football gym rat junkie to learn all those assignments and to execute to a high level which he does in all two phases of the game, since he plays on special teams. He must be a joy to be around and coach. I enjoy watching him play against others. Now I have to play against him.

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