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Transcript - Cameron Jordan Conference Call 9/17/20 | Week 2 vs. Raiders

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan talks about the Raiders offense and the Saints defensive line depth prior to Week 2 against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on September 21, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan
Video Call
Thursday, September 17, 2020

I guess, maybe if you didn't mind talking about, is there anything to playing the first game ever kind of, history in Las Vegas, first ever NFL game? Is that something you think about in any way or is it just another game?
"Just you know, it's our next opponent. They're next up, whether they're you know, the first time we ever played, I guess, we don't know which cleats to bring. So now we got to bring you know, our screw-ins, our moldeds and probably a turf? I don't know what is out there. We haven't got the report on how the field is working."

I don't know how much film study you've been able to do on Josh Jacobs. But if you have been able to, what have you seen about him that stands out?
"He is a hard runner. Look at the end of the day, we are focused on us and what we can do. And everything that our defense wants to do is, affect not only the quarterback but try and shut down the run. This goes into it. We know he had a phenomenal year here last year, so we know he can make elite cuts. And this is something that we're aware of. Luckily, I think we've got a phenomenal backfield on our side. So we're able to emulate and simulate what looks we might get."

What have you guys been able to do so effectively to be able to put together that run defense streak?
"You know, just an awful lot of communication within our defense. It allows us to not only make adjustments, but to keep ourselves honest to each other. And that's a, that goes from you know, the first man on the field to the 11th man on the field. We're all just actively trying to get better each and every game. And I think we have a good starting point from this last game. We've got to keep on ascending."

When you guys have a game, like Sunday, where so many guys on the defensive line get involved, I guess just what's that film study like afterwards where everybody's getting their name called and how do you carry, kind of, that momentum into the next week?
"This is week two we're talking about. (Our) guys are chomping at the bit to get each and every win. To look over and see Trey Hendrickson playing the way he was playing. Carl Granderson, the way he played. To look, you know, see how the young fella, (Malcolm) Roach was out there playing. You know, you see how Malcom Brown played, Sheldon Rankins, David Onyemata. Like, everybody had their piece in it. I think you know, one of my most fun moments was looking over and watching David (Onyemata), thump (Rob) Gronkowski out in the corner area, flat area somewhere. When you have guys just humming as much as it is, it's that much more easy to try and encourage and say, hey, this is the standard now. Let's see if we can elevate our play."

Just curious you know, obviously you don't play the Raiders that much, what differences you might see in Derek Carr, in preparing for him this time around then you did maybe in 2016?
"Was that the last time we played them? I didn't go that far back. Alright. No, I mean, it's Derek Carr, you know, he's able to take command of their offense. They have a great running back. They've added in a heck of a first rounder receiver from 'Bama. So he's got all types of speed to him. I keep calling (him other names), I'm not going to mess up. It's (Henry) Ruggs. I know it's (Henry) Ruggs this time because I got corrected. I was like, every time I look up, it's another 'Bama receiver with a lot of speed to him. It is (Henry) Ruggs. And he's got, a lot of, a lot of speed. That being said, I think we have the corners to match up with anybody. So, I trust our secondary and I know we're going to get after 'em come Monday."

Do you feel like a competition to get to the quarterback with all the depth you guys have in the defensive line? And how do you kind of view that?
"I like us. I mean, I said early on this year, I said, I think our D-Line could be special. This was what like, the first, the second week of camp. It seemed like everybody was humming, you have Trey (Hendrickson), healthy Marcus (Davenport), everything that was going for us. We looked over, you had (Sheldon) Rankins, David Onyemata competing, both Malcolms (Malcolm Roach, Malcom Brown) in the middle. I think I'm going to keep that one. But, just you know, the way our D-Line is progressing, we could be special. And I'm going to keep encouraging us to continue growing much like your (Luke Johnson's) mustache, looking like Gardner Minshew's."

Do you feel like you get a better quality of snap when you're playing around 85% as opposed to like the 95 that you used to do earlier in your career? It seems like your pressures per snap, sacks per snaps have gone up the last couple years as the overall total has gone down a little.
"Is that true? I do not know. I know when I touch the game, I want to play each and every snap. I'm going to leave Coach (Payton) to figure out the play count. If there's 72 snaps, I want all 72 of them. I don't know what I played last game. But I was like, I looked over, I was like, alright I'm going back in. At some point, you know, you realize you have so much talent, in our D- Line. There's guys that are waiting to bite the bitten and get after it. We haven't always been able to say that, but now we definitely can."

I didn't get a chance to ask you about this earlier in the week. But that play that caused kind of a stir on social media where it looks like you were trying to go punch the ball out. Can you explain kind of what was going through your head through that play and did you expect having to appeal fine about it. Just because of the camera angle?
"No, I think it was pretty self explanatory. Yeah, I mean, it was self explanatory, not from I guess the initial angle that every typical fan saw. But anybody who knows football, could see that the running back was still trying to move the pile. And we were, we were as a defense being aggressive and how we wanted to get the ball out. And we play snap to whistle. So until that whistle is blown, we're still going full speed. So for every fan who wants to watch basketball, continue watching basketball, but if you're here for a contact sport, hi, we play football. And our defense is rioty."

I blame the NFL for not releasing all 22 till today or yesterday, because that was a very different angle. So really, it's really just the league's fault for not just putting all 22 out on Tuesday.
"Perception is key. But I do know this, when we're trying to get the ball out you have to be aware that a sideline judge or referee might not see that angle. But, when you make connection with ball, that's all I'm caring about. I am just trying to put ourselves in a better place to win. We got, at this point, it sort of makes sense, self explanatory. If you are talking about all 22, that's a different angle from the opposite ends on side or whatever it is. Yeah, I already saw that and I'm you know, I would say that I love the intensity our defense played at."

I was just trying to make the jab at the all 22 not being out.
"I mean, can we add in you know, also like when we have the surface and we're able to watch actual game film like we did, what a preseason ago? Last preseason, we saw like actual film versus just the screenshots, but you know, we work with, what we work with. I'm not worried about perception. I'm worried about how we're playing. And I think we like the pace that we're going at."

How much has Trey Hendrickson just, I know he had a pretty good year last year, but how much has he improved since really like you first brought him in? I mean, Marcus (Davenport) being out, it didn't seem like you missed much of a step with Trey in there.
"Yeah, I mean, I think I've said that last year. I mean, Trey (Hendrickson) has really come on strong the last two years. And now you know, he came out this game and had a heck of a game. It's great for him to finally get some of the recognition that he so rightfully deserves. And I think you know, he's still got a lot more in his bag. So, as long as we continue eating as a defense, I'm loving the way he's playing. We have to continue excelling."

They took away the film on the sidelines? You guys just get still shots now?
"It was like a preseason thing like one game last year, two years ago. It actually showed the actual play versus the still shots. And then by season they you know, they'd already took it down, maybe by like second preseason game, whatever it was. It was just you know, when you're able to see the whole screen instead of just a shot, it's a game changer, but that's probably why it was taken away."

With COVID-19. Can you still do like your chicken wing day? Or can you not do that anymore?
"I plead the fifth. I don't know what the bubble does or does not allow to happen."

Okay, then I'll reword my question. So when you are going to Vegas, it's the first road game of the season. You are going to be contained in the bubble. You can't go out for dinner or spend time with family, that type of thing. How big of an adjustment is that going to be?
"Is that true? At the end of the day, we're here for a business trip. When we get down to Vegas we're going to be looking to play the Raiders. We know that they have, you know, a lot of weapons that they can use, with (Darren) Waller, to (Henry) Ruggs, to the running back, to the quarterback. They've got a 500 pound offensive lineman over there. At some point, we get down to Monday night, we're here to play football. It doesn't matter if there's four fans in the stands or five. At this point because we know there's no fans, are allowed in. But we do know that wherever we go, we still got, you know, us. We have our teammates, we have our guys that will be in the stands behind us with the inactives. And we know that we're on the same mindset. So it's a business trip. I don't care if I don't leave the room. I'm here to win a football game. But yes, I will miss walking to a mall or something along the lines as I've always done. I'm sorry. I get anxious, I have energy to spend."

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