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Transcript - Cameron Jordan Conference Call 10/10/20 | Week 5 vs. Chargers

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan talks about the Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert and the Saints red zone defense prior to Week 5 against the Los Angeles Chargers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday, October 12, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, October 10, 2020

You guys have been kind of struggling in the red zone, is there anything that really stands out to you as something needs to be fixed?
"Uh, yeah, all of it. I was sort of surprised to see the stat that we were in the bottom tier of our red zone defense and that's something that you're not excited about. So as a collective (defense) we've got to do better."

What stands out to you on film about Justin Herbert?
"The fact that his name isn't Justin (Hebert) that'll get you if you have been in New Orleans for a decade. He's got a strong arm. He's able to run. He's able to extend plays with his legs. He's a product of U of O so he's probably the slowest quarterback to come out of Oregon since Jeremiah Masoli and that's probably says a lot because there's probably five or six quarterbacks since then. But he's got the arm talent, he's got the ability plus they've got wide receivers like Mike Williams and led by Keenan Allen and a strong tight in Hunter Henry, so he has a viable options on offense."

In your experience does it not matter whether you have like a bye early in the season, late in the season or middle of season is just like really like a matter of where it falls individually with injuries you are dealing with?
"Yeah, I'll deal with the bye week when it comes. I'm worried about Monday trying to get this win. Preferably I like it smack dab in the middle, week eight, week nine. But like I said we have to worry about the Chargers coming here and us having to contain this quarterback and try and make him less effective than he has been. He's had a couple of impressive games."

Malcolm Jenkins, obviously we talked about him a lot as a veteran presence leader. Have you seen that kind of manifests itself in the first couple weeks here now that he's kind of had some time to get kind of with the team a little bit?
"I think top on down what we're doing what we to lead our ship in the right direction. Sitting at .500 headed into this fifth game, this is where you see the positive effects of better leadership."

Do you feel you kind of break the seal last week with the sack, it's going to start coming for you. Are you not worried about that?
"I'm worried about winning at the end of the day. If I'm catching doubles, that means somebody's got to win on their singles."

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